Internet Home Business - Itís Not That Easy!

Written by Stephen Brennan

Iíve written before about amount of email I receive inrepparttar form of link exchange requests. Thereís no need to go into it all again but suffice to say, with seven websites with varying subject matter and content, I get my fair share of these requests by both email and through,repparttar 140874 link exchange scheme in which I am a member. I mention this not because this is aboutrepparttar 140875 link requests, but aboutrepparttar 140876 opportunity that all these requests present to view hundreds of other websites each week, mostly newern ones and mostly home business or affiliate oriented.

In order to make a decision whether to link or not, I will look at each website, not onlyrepparttar 140877 PR and traffic ranking, butrepparttar 140878 basic appearance and layout will give me a reasonable insight into how serious they are, how much they have researched and planned their website and consequently their whole approach to their home business. I find this method is a reasonable means to predict ifrepparttar 140879 website will still be around in six months and whetherrepparttar 140880 owner will still be online at all.

I am sorry to say, while spending at least 4 - 5 hours a week at this activity, I'm disappointed atrepparttar 140881 amount of people who are literally 'throwing' a website together without any apparent planning (or basic knowledge about how to actually go about it). The number of websites I see, which have clearly no chance of of serving a home business purpose at all, is staggering. What's more staggering is what some people seem to view as 'viable'.

Lack of content (and I mean none at all) and no organised effort to concentrate on any keywords or phrases at all, let alone a subject, arerepparttar 140882 most obvious and numerous. There are many sites which are simply one page, that's it. The page will contain two paragraphs on how "you've come torepparttar 140883 right place to get..." whatever it is, then a few totally unrelated banners and 'obvious' affiliate links and perhaps a Google Adwords box.

Don't get me wrong, my purpose here is not to bemoanrepparttar 140884 quality of these hastily prepared and ill-equipped websites, nor is it to lamentrepparttar 140885 failing abilities of those that have attempted them. My purpose is to impress on these people and others planningrepparttar 140886 same route that home based business, in any shape or form online has to be treated like any other business endeavour. Would these people putrepparttar 140887 same lack of effort and planning intorepparttar 140888 signage for their 'bricks and mortar' business?

No matter how many times you read that home business is easy and there's millions to be made so quickly with so little effort or knowledge, I'm afraid it's not true! I so often seerepparttar 140889 words, "no knowledge or effort necessary" and thenrepparttar 140890 figure per month or year that you can (or WILL) earn. It's possible, but only WITHrepparttar 140891 right knowledge and effort.

Ask anyone who has spent more than six months online, trying to earn a dollar (not necessarily an income) and they'll tell you that you can't expect to be successful without at least some basic knowledge and a fair bit of effort. Of course, there are those who have been lucky enough to strike something atrepparttar 140892 right time, inrepparttar 140893 right place and manage to be hugely successful in a short period, but these are few.

Beware The Isms

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Beware The Isms by Dan Reinhold

A home business can serve any purpose you want: provide pocket money, payrepparttar 140846 car loan or evenrepparttar 140847 mortgage, produce funds forrepparttar 140848 kids' college education. Properly cared for and nurtured, it will serve its chosen purpose well.

Even a robust, vigorous home business may become UNhealthy. There are potent dangers that often arise, horrible maladies to sicken them and make them wither away to nothing but a memory.

Beware...The Isms.

The first is perhapsrepparttar 140849 most cruel, as nourishment and care ofrepparttar 140850 home business becomes erratic and faltering. Withoutrepparttar 140851 benefit of continuous attention and strengthening activity, it can fall prey to Sometimeism.

Sometimeism is a terrible fate forrepparttar 140852 home business, as its energies are sapped by occasional and casual efforts of brief and uncertain duration. As these tidbits become ever fewer and farther between,repparttar 140853 poor weakened home business succumbs to starvation and worse, neglect.

Another plague that can strike a home business is much more insidious: little by little, it is worn down and exhausted by an acute lack of seriousness.

This nightmare is called Hobbyism.

When afflicted with Hobbyism, a home business feelsrepparttar 140854 draining effect of too many hours in forums and chat rooms, exacerbated by still more hours checking emails. Any business without its very life's blood - commerce, enterprise, trade - is doomed whilerepparttar 140855 unforgiving hours grow and multiply with online games and Flash presentations.

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