Internet Domain Registration – Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Domain Name Registration

Written by John Leong

Here arerepparttar top ten most frequently asked questions regarding on Internet domain name registration:

Q1. Which characters are allowed in Internet domain names?

A: For normal ASCII domain names,repparttar 145909 letters a-z,repparttar 145910 numbers 0-9, and one special character,repparttar 145911 hyphen or dash "-". Note that domains cannot start or end with a hyphen. Forrepparttar 145912 new tested IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names),repparttar 145913 full range of Unicode characters are available. This allows nearly all ofrepparttar 145914 languages onrepparttar 145915 planet to be represented within domain names, including Thai, Arabic, Lao, Hebrew, French, German etc.

Q2. How many characters can a Internet domain name have?

A: Generic domains (gTLDs) can have 63 characters inrepparttar 145916 second level, plusrepparttar 145917 top level domain, .com, .net etc.

Q3. How long can I register a Internet domain name for?

A: In most cases, you are allowed to register a Internet domain name for period of one to ten years. Longer periods are not currently allowed byrepparttar 145918 registry.

Q4. How long do Internet domain registrations take to make & process?

A: Typically ten minutes or so. Once you have chosenrepparttar 145919 name and paidrepparttar 145920 fee, most registration systems will register your name in near real-time.

Q5. Do I "own" a domain name I register?

A: Not really, it is more like a rental agreement. But importantly, you haverepparttar 145921 exclusive right to renewrepparttar 145922 agreement withrepparttar 145923 registry atrepparttar 145924 end ofrepparttar 145925 initial registration period, so effectively you can keeprepparttar 145926 name as long as you want.

Q6. Why does my Internet domain name still show as unregistered in a WHOIS tool?

The Big Secret of Fabulous and Mediocre Web Site Hosting Companies

Written by Paul Kelly

Most web site hosting services likerepparttar one you're probably using right now, provide you with space on which you can host your web site. These mediocre web site hosting companies will even help you set up your own email addresses and provide you withrepparttar 145696 ability to run your own scripts and programs.

Some ofrepparttar 145697 better ones out here will even let you use a nice Eye Candy control panel to help you manage your site. If your lucky they'll even throw in a website statistics app as well. For most web site hosting companies that's about it! Most web site hosting services won't bother giving you more service for you money.

To be honest most people (me included) always thought this was okay until we woke up and realized that there's a lot more to running a internet business than simply hosting our site.

I quickly realized there are some new companies out there that offer way, way more than other companies. Some of these web site hosting services are really raisingrepparttar 145698 bar several notches for all web site hosting services onrepparttar 145699 internet.

In this short summary you’ll find some ofrepparttar 145700 features you need to be looking out for if you’re looking for a new web site hosting service or planning to transfer your web site.

You need to be onrepparttar 145701 look out fore:

1) A web site hosting service that helps you add new domains for a small fee without having to pay any additional monthly fee. So you can host many domains and still pay one monthly fee, thus saving you money.

2) A web site hosting service that will help you publish and manage your own newsletter so that you can regularly follow-up with your prospects and customers and thereby increase your sales. Look if they give yourepparttar 145702 option to publish a newsletter in both HTML and text format.

3) A web site hosting service that can set up an unlimited number of follow-up auto responders. So you can automatically follow-up with your prospects and send them a series of emails one afterrepparttar 145703 other on any day you prefer.

4) A web site hosting service that helps you personalize all your newsletters and follow-up emails. So you can let all your newsletters and emails begin with something like "Hi Paul" or “Hi Peter”. Most people know that personalizing emails has proven to increase response rates by as much as 40% - 50% in some cases. Prospects love it when they receive mails like this!

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