Internet Cash Train

Written by Vic Damone

Location! Location! Location! When I was growing up those three words were what allrepparttar experts said wasrepparttar 135599 key to any successful retail business. Find a spot with tons of traffic and you cannot help but reel some of them in! You didnít need to make a killing off of every customer but rather just a little off of a steady and reliable stream of them.

Nowadays of course, this truism is utterly irrelevant thanks torepparttar 135600 Internet. Location isrepparttar 135601 last thing someone needs to worry about if they are thinking about going into retail because you can operate from anywhere onrepparttar 135602 planet and sell to anyone onrepparttar 135603 planet!

As I began thinking more and more about opening up my own little e-store I, like most of you, ran into a pretty significant problem. I am aboutrepparttar 135604 farthest thing from a computer geek there is and although not completely illiterate (I CAN navigaterepparttar 135605 web most ofrepparttar 135606 time without tech support and usually send e-mails torepparttar 135607 person I intended) there was just no way that I could possibly set-up and operate my own website. Also, I didnít exactly have a lot of readily available cash for my venture so acquiring inventory might prove just a tad tricky. Far from being a quitter, I surfedrepparttar 135608 web looking for a way to make my dream happen.

Wake Up Baby Boomers Ė Thereís Still Time

Written by Dave Kendrick

Wake Up Baby Boomers Ė Thereís Still Time

© Dave Kendrick - All Rights reserved


Over 90% of all retired Americans will be forced to live on less than $12,000 a year!

Yes, I have to admit it. I am an aging Baby Boomer! Our first grandchild was born last year. Does it make me feel older? Not necessarily. Itís all a matter of outlook and attitude to life.

O.K. Physically Iím starting to get some ofrepparttar aches and pains that come withrepparttar 135568 aging process. But mentally Iím still in my mid-twenties. (Sometimes a heck of a lot younger, so my Wife often tells me!)

The 1960ís covered my mid-teens and mid-twenties. What a great era that was in England (where I was born and raised Ė we have been living in Canada since 1981.) Would you believe I sawrepparttar 135569 Rolling Stones in concert before they hitrepparttar 135570 big time! They had just released their first record.

Ah yes. Life was simpler then. Life was sweet. No home computers, no cell phones, no Internet. But now, of course we have all of these things and take them for granted. Especially computers andrepparttar 135571 Internet.

Never before in history has it been possible for so many people to have their own home business using these powerful tools.

This truly isrepparttar 135572 age of mass communication and information sharing.

The question is, have us Baby Boomers been left behind in this huge technological wake? Have we missedrepparttar 135573 boat?

I believerepparttar 135574 answer to this is an emphatic ďNO!Ē

Like I said, growing up inrepparttar 135575 sixties was great. Retirement was a lifetime away. But, my friend, lifetime has a nasty habit of passing by all too quickly. Believe me, I know!

So we live our lives, enjoying each day that comes (or at least trying to), still thinking that retirement is a long way off. After all, thereísrepparttar 135576 mortgage to pay; a new car would be nice; we could really do with a vacation this year;repparttar 135577 kitchen could do with a makeover. And then it hits you like a ton of bricks. The milestone of your 60íth birthday is creeping up REALLY fast Ö TOO fast.

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