Internet Basics - Getting Started

Written by Richard Lowe

Everyone must be a beginner at something sometime in his life. And at some point, all of us were new torepparttar internet. Evenrepparttar 118989 most arrogant webmaster who can create sites with his eyes closed was, once, struggling withrepparttar 118990 concepts ofrepparttar 118991 vast network that now connects most ofrepparttar 118992 planet.

So what'srepparttar 118993 best course of action when you are a beginner? I mean, most people want to look like they know what they are talking about. Sometimesrepparttar 118994 hardest thing inrepparttar 118995 entire world is to admit you know nothing or very little about a subject.

Yet, when you are a beginner at something, that's what you have to do. You must admit to yourself (at least) that you are a beginner and you must understand that there is something to learn aboutrepparttar 118996 subject. Learning aboutrepparttar 118997 internet is no exception to this rule.


My advice is to just jump in and start learning all you can learn. How you learn aboutrepparttar 118998 internet depends upon your own preference and style. Also remember that you can combine learning styles as desired or needed to suit your taste.

High School or college courses - Some people learn best in a scholastic atmosphere. Personally, this drives me uprepparttar 118999 wall, but others thrive on a campus with lecture halls, teachers, home room and hall monitors. If this describes how you best like to learn, then by all means go for it. If you are pressed for time, remember there are night and weekend classes available at most educational facilities. Not much money? Try community colleges - they are inexpensive and often have excellent computer curricula.

Informational Web Sites - Our site has a large amount of information designed to help people learn aboutrepparttar 119000 internet. There are many other such sites and some of them are quite useful indeed. In fact, we learned much of what we know from many of these sites, and use them to this day to expand upon our knowledge. Just be careful, however, that you understandrepparttar 119001 motivation of these web sites - often they are honest, but sometimes they are attempting to get you to purchase something that you may not need.

Trade Courses - You can find many trade schools which offer courses. These differ from college in that they very short (a day to a week), they are usually very expensive (a few hundred to a few thousand per class), and they are of limited focus and duration. Courses are great for focused, specific knowledge or for earning a certification - and they are wonderful whenrepparttar 119002 bill is picked up byrepparttar 119003 company you work for. Otherwise, there are cheaper, better ways to learn your skills.

Books - Don't forget books. Your local library or bookstore is one of your best friends, if used properly. It never ceases to amaze me to watch people spend small fortunes on books, courses, tapes, and classes when a book checked our from their tax-supported library would serve their purposes just fine. Think about it - how often will you be reading that book on Microsoft Excel again?

On The Job Training - This isrepparttar 119004 absolute best way to learn. If you want to be a webmaster, then pick up a book, learnrepparttar 119005 basics, then find a client who will pay you a few hundred bucks to create a web site. If you want to become a computer specialist, then go get a job as a computer operator. This isrepparttar 119006 best way to learn.

Internet Access for Poor Countries

Written by Paul Siegel

Why worry about Internet access for poverty-stricken people in developing countries? Because a large disparity in income causes resentment, which may in turn lead to radicalism and to horrible attacks, such as occurred in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Enablingrepparttar poor to accessrepparttar 118988 Internet may bring them information to empower them to boost themselves out of poverty and become confident, productive members of a healthy society.

Atrepparttar 118989 same time that we help poor countries, we may also boost our own suffering bottom lines.

To accomplish this goal, business people must change their basic strategy. Instead of thinking of products with more features, we should concentrate on more access. Several businesses have already incorporatedrepparttar 118990 switch. You may want to follow.

More Features vs. More Access

Forrepparttar 118991 past couple of years I have been predicting thatrepparttar 118992 price of a computer would eventually be close to zero. All recent events in computer technology suggest that this will happen. Why does it not happen?

The answer is that computer manufacturers and software producers are making sure it does not happen. How do they do this? By adding "features". Periodically they make changes and add "features" - most of them useless - in order to sell new "improved" products. Of course, they need to charge you for all this extra "innovation".

This approach has worked for several "generations" of computers. But I think we have reached a plateau. People are beginning to realize that they do not use much ofrepparttar 118993 power available from Windows 95. Why should they buy a new XP version and spend endless days trying to learn a new system? The rich market is saturated.

Why not turn our gaze away fromrepparttar 118994 rich and focus it ontorepparttar 118995 poor, of which there are billions. Help them gain Internet access. For this to happen, we need to get rid of allrepparttar 118996 "features" and produce a basic, simple device that enables a peasant in a poor country to access and learn from people all overrepparttar 118997 world. The device must be cheap.

The Simputer

India has a billion people, a vast majority of whom live in poverty. Professors and entrepreneurs atrepparttar 118998 Institute of Science and Encore Software, Ltd, both in Bangalore, have developed a device that they callrepparttar 118999 Simputer. The Simputer can be used by anyone, even an illiterate person. It is pocket size. It may be used to send and receive email and to browserepparttar 119000 Internet. It costs about $200.

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