Internet Based Business Models – Part 2

Written by Murray Hughes

Getting Started At Home in Your Very Own Business

Internet Based Business Models – Part 2

Still here? Excellent, I’m proud of you.

Really, I mean that.

Never give up on your dreams.. ever, and they will reward your persistence and faith by coming true. A simple philosophy but incredibly powerful one that I whole-heartedly believe and beginning to experience.

OK, let’s pick up where we finished last time.

Last time we discussed: •Turn-key businesses •Affiliate programs and •Drop shipping

Next I want to talk about:

Advert Revenue – did you know when you visit someone’s site and click on a Google advertrepparttar website owner makes money?

It works like this, Miss A has a product to sell so she pays Google (in this example) to advertise her product.

There are 2 places to putrepparttar 139253 ads – (1)onrepparttar 139254 Google results pages, you knowrepparttar 139255 ads you see downrepparttar 139256 right hand side ofrepparttar 139257 results pages, they are called ‘Adwords Ads’ and every time someone clicks, Miss A pays for it. (2)The same type of ads are also sometimes displayed on websites, usually, but not always, they are also displayed by Google but this time they’re called ‘Adsense Ads’.

If you arerepparttar 139258 website owner in situation (2), every time someone clicks on one of Miss A’s ads on your site, half ofrepparttar 139259 fee she pays will go to you andrepparttar 139260 other half to Google.

Get a lot of clicks and it can add up fast. I’ve only just started doing this and found it an excellent additional another revenue stream for my business.

Selling on eBay – its no secret that eBay has created more at home buzinesses than anything else inrepparttar 139261 history ofrepparttar 139262 world. Its not difficult to set up andrepparttar 139263 great thing is you don’t have to go looking for customers.

They come to you with their credi.t card already in their hands. Believe me, when you begin your very own business, you will appreciaterepparttar 139264 beauty of having customers that ‘look for you’.

You would be excused for thinking eBay is only a place to sell that old skate board, or retired TV but it is much, much more than that. With supposedly over 30,000,000 registered users, everything imaginable is being sold.

Realities of Success, Failure and Working From Home

Written by Murray Hughes

Getting Started At Home in Your Very Own Business

Part 1 – The Realities Of Success, Failure & Working.From.Home

First, let me say *congratulations* on deciding to take life into your control.

You are so close to beingrepparttar richest person inrepparttar 139252 family,repparttar 139253 wealthiest person in your group of friends,repparttar 139254 worker allrepparttar 139255 other slaves will talk about with awe and admiration long after you have retired to becomerepparttar 139256 Boss.

I‘m not kidding.

There is an awesome power contained within you that can shoot you torepparttar 139257 stars. It will bring yourepparttar 139258 wealth, happiness and freedom normally shared by a group of people combined, not usually enjoyed by only ONE.

Does this mean I’m telling you to have more by others having less? Absolutely not!

Most people exist onrepparttar 139259 scraps and leftovers, notrepparttar 139260 bounty life intends you to enjoy. But fear pushes them into a half-life. Fear of having less ‘relax’ time, fear of not doing what’s expected of them, fear of trying and failing, fear of hard work.

But don’t you agree.. working for someone else sucks big time?

I really don’t like people telling me what I have to do next or that I didn’t do it well enough or that I can go to lunch in 10 minutes. Life holds so much more than that, why walk torepparttar 139261 beat of someone else’s drum?

Once you begin to liverepparttar 139262 dream of being 'The Master Of Your Life', you will look at allrepparttar 139263 other 9 to 5 slaves, toiling away unappreciated to make someone else rich, and shake your head in disbelief.

“Why do they do it? Why do they live life only half achieved, only partially fulfilled?”

Believe me, once you see things from my side ofrepparttar 139264 fence, you won't be able to work for someone else again. I refuse to do it, I won't go back.

Make your dreams come true and you will feelrepparttar 139265 same, I promise!

Here’s a little about me..

My name is Murray Hughes and I’ve been building my own business since April 2003. Starting from scratch, with absolutely zero experience, I wasted heaps of dollars and even more time.

But my persistence has paid off and now each and every month, thousands of dollars find their way into my bank account as a direct result of my Internet businesses.

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