Internet Based Business Models – Part 1

Written by Murray Hughes

Getting Started At Home in Your Very Own Business

Internet Based Business Models – Part 1

I’m going to congratulate you again.

By reading this you are already displayingrepparttar #1 most vital ingredient to enjoying success.. persistence. Keep it up!

This time I want to talk more aboutrepparttar 139251 choices you have available to you as a person wanting to get started in your very own business.

There are so many ways to do it I couldn’t possibly cover them all here. But since my expertise is in usingrepparttar 139252 Internet to build a business, that’s what I’ll teach you.

We will just skim overrepparttar 139253 different ways for now, but don’t worry because we’ll re-visit them later for a closer inspection.

Let’s have a look atrepparttar 139254 different ways to do it:

Turn-Key Business – this type of business is great if you are a complete novice and just starting out. They are called ‘turn-key’ because everything is set up ready for you to start immediately, that is, you just turnrepparttar 139255 key.

Usually, turn-key businesses are inrepparttar 139256 network marketing industry. That’s a dirty word to some but an effective way to make massive dollars if you are prepared to do it. Some of my income comes from this type of business.

Affiliate Programs – a simple arrangement where you direct customers to a merchant and receive a commission on everythingrepparttar 139257 customer buys. It can be anything from tropical holidays to pen sets to downloadable ebooks.

Many online merchants have an affiliate program in place, which you can easily sign up for. Then you send people torepparttar 139258 web addressrepparttar 139259 affiliate program gives you. I make a lot of my dollars from affiliate programs.

How to Start a Photo Mug Business for Fun and Profit

Written by Randy Wilson

With a photo mug business you can provide personalized services to people and make money. You have seen people with pictures of their children, or grandchildren on their coffee mugs, and have thought it was a neat idea. That neat idea could be your next career.

The best way to start a photo mug business is to purchase a franchise or license. Thoughrepparttar purchase price can be several thousands of dollars, it gives you allrepparttar 139231 equipment you will need, as well as training, support and guidelines for advertising. If you are having trouble financing your photo mug business, consider creating a business plan. This plan will not only help you get financing, it will help you ensure you have allrepparttar 139232 correct licenses, insurance and adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations for your business. This is extremely important because you don’t want to be penalized by a government agency or shut down because you do not comply withrepparttar 139233 laws.

Completerepparttar 139234 photo mug business plan and budget. This will let you know whether you are purchasing a franchise, license, building your business fromrepparttar 139235 ground up, how much money you will need to get your venture started, and whether you are going to rent store space, a kiosk inrepparttar 139236 local mall, or have a virtual store onrepparttar 139237 internet. You will need to put a copy of all licenses and insurance in your business plan as well. Remember this document is living, and needs to be reviewed annually and changes made as necessary.

With your business plan ready, create a proposal explainingrepparttar 139238 photo mug business venture. Show these documents to private investors, banks, andrepparttar 139239 Small Business Administration. Do not get discouraged if no one wants to help, just reevaluate your proposal and business plan and try again. But chances are you will not need financing and if you do it should be for less then $10,000.

If you have decided not to purchase a franchise or license, you will probably need financing andrepparttar 139240 business plan isrepparttar 139241 best way to finance your photo mug business. You will have a lot of equipment to purchase and will probably have a period of time withinrepparttar 139242 first year where you encounter a trial and error of all services. Expect and plan for this inrepparttar 139243 business plan and you will more than likely getrepparttar 139244 financing you will need.

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