"Internet2-A Future So Bright!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Some months ago, a scam artist was attempting to sell participation inrepparttar "New Internet". As it turned out,repparttar 119117 offer to secure yourself an e-commerce spot inrepparttar 119118 next generation Internet was a scam.

Butrepparttar 119119 Internet 2 is as real as it gets.

Launched in 1996,repparttar 119120 Internet2 offers lightning-fast connections to two fiber-optic backbone networks that ensure data arrives at its destination without loss or delay and already connects at least one university in each ofrepparttar 119121 50 states inrepparttar 119122 US.

Abilene,repparttar 119123 Internet2(R) backbone network, is in operation at speeds up to 2.4 gigabits per second, or 45,000 times faster than a typical modem.

It was developed in partnership with Qwest Communications, http://www.quest.net.nz/, Cisco Systems, http://www.cisco.com/, Nortel Networks, http://www.nortelnetworks.com/, and Indiana University, http://www.indiana.edu/.

It currently provides nationwide high-performance networking capabilities for over 180 Internet2 universities, which, in addition to high speed, provides advanced networking services such as multi-casting, IPv6, enables advanced applications such as High-Definition TV, tele-medicine and remote access to scientific instruments.

TV may soon stream into your home via your computer in a quality and level never before envisioned. Andrepparttar 119124 average person may well be able to create their own TV shows right on their own home computer.

Speed was one ofrepparttar 119125 major reasons forrepparttar 119126 inception ofrepparttar 119127 "New Internet". Government and educational institutions were beginning to get bogged down withinrepparttar 119128 old Internet network system. Ifrepparttar 119129 original vision was to be maintained, a new system would have to be implemented.

Atrepparttar 119130 moment, only government, universities and corporate sponsors are allowed to participate. It is still in research andrepparttar 119131 network itself is still under development.

Getting It Together

Written by Bob Osgoodby

onday, I tookrepparttar plunge and went looking for a new car. Our "Grand Am" was getting a bit "long inrepparttar 119116 tooth", and we felt it was time for a change.

We went to a number of dealers, found a make and model we liked, and started to shop price. We got so many conflicting prices, I came home and felt like I had been put through a wringer.

But, after a bit, I settled down and decided to letrepparttar 119117 web do some ofrepparttar 119118 work for me. I called allrepparttar 119119 dealers and asked them to fax me a copy ofrepparttar 119120 window stickers ofrepparttar 119121 make and model I was interested in. Lo and Behold - all were exactlyrepparttar 119122 same. So whyrepparttar 119123 big disparity inrepparttar 119124 offering prices?

Then I remembered - http://giggo.com/ - and immediately called it up. I enteredrepparttar 119125 make and model ofrepparttar 119126 vehicle I was looking for, and not only gotrepparttar 119127 window sticker prices, but also whatrepparttar 119128 dealer paid forrepparttar 119129 vehicle andrepparttar 119130 accessory packages . One dealer actually tried to charge us $5,000 over his cost.

I then looked uprepparttar 119131 resale value ofrepparttar 119132 "Grand Am", and armed with this information andrepparttar 119133 dealer cost, went back to bargain. When all was said and done, I got $1,000 more forrepparttar 119134 "Grand Am" than they were offering, and paid $100 over dealer cost forrepparttar 119135 new one. Sure, I know they have dealer incentives and rebates. The dealer couldn't stay in business very long only making $100 per sale. But I did know I was probably paying a fair price.

Flashback - Last fall, I needed new filters for our humidifier and couldn't find them locally. Back torepparttar 119136 web - after a bit of searching I foundrepparttar 119137 company that manufactured them. A quick call to their "800" number and found a dealer that carried them.

Many of us surfrepparttar 119138 web for many different reasons, but it is a great resource as well. It is possible to research a company, product or service.

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