International Telephone Calling Tips

Written by Raymond Klesc

International Telephone Calling Tips By Raymond Klesc Global Value Connect

If your business requires overseas communications with suppliers or customers; or if you have a loved one living or traveling abroad; you know thatrepparttar cost for overseas calls can come as a shock to your budget and cause you heartburn if you think whatrepparttar 107929 future may have in store. Calling rates vary from country to country, sorepparttar 107930 impact on your telephone bill could be dramatic, but there are a few things that you can do to help lessenrepparttar 107931 costs inrepparttar 107932 future.

• Calling Overseas Mobile Devices: Be very careful when placing telephone calls to mobile devices overseas. There are many overseas carriers that use a "calling party pays" system when calling mobile devices (cell phone, pager, etc.) originating from withinrepparttar 107933 United States. It is entirely possible thatrepparttar 107934 tariff rate for an overseas wireless phone might be considerably higher compared to a call placed to a land-line inrepparttar 107935 same country. This surcharge is referred to as an “International / Special Services Termination Rate”. It should be listed on your carrier’s International calling plan rate schedule. U.S. carriers do not have a choice in this matter and it does you no good to complain to your local provider regarding what you may perceive as excessive charges that appear on your telephone bill.

• Direct Dialing or Dialaround: Depending uponrepparttar 107936 country you are calling, you may get an overall attractive calling rate by dialing direct; accessingrepparttar 107937 network by dialing 011 + country code + city code plusrepparttar 107938 local number. However, you may want to consider using a dialaround service if your local plan charges a high tariff for a country you intend to call regularly. These services are also referred to as a 10-10 number. You do not need to switch long distance carriers to use a dialaround number and it can be used in many foreign countries as well to call home. These services usually have very competitive International rates and can save you considerable sums. Be advised, however, that you will not be able to use a dialaround service if you must dial 8 or 9 to access your dial tone, such as from an office or hotel.

• Operator Assistance To Place Calls: Never, ever, use an operator to place an International call unless it is an absolute emergency. Obviously for every rule there are exceptions, collect calls, person-to-person and third party billing are examples, but whenever possible dial direct or use a dialaround service. When I first moved to Indonesia several years ago I called my son on his birthday usingrepparttar 107939 local operator and we talked for about an hour. This was before I got into this business. My phone bill was in excess of $100. A dialaround service, which was not available atrepparttar 107940 time, would have cost me about $15.00 or less.

When usingrepparttar 107941 operator to place your call here are some helpful hints.

How to Improve Your Word Power!

Written by Royane Real

If you want to be a great communicator, do you need to have a great vocabulary?

You might be surprised to learn that a really big vocabulary is not necessary in order to express yourself clearly and to move others with your words.

Some ofrepparttar most dramatic messages that have ever been uttered inrepparttar 107928 English language actually used very simple words to stirrepparttar 107929 blood, or touchrepparttar 107930 heart.

Look at any well-known passage inrepparttar 107931 Bible. Chances are thatrepparttar 107932 passage does not rely on sophisticated words to create its power.

Think of Lincoln’s Gettysberg Address. Although President Lincoln spoke in a style that is very different fromrepparttar 107933 way we usually speak today, his words still haverepparttar 107934 power to move us deeply with their clarity and their deep emotion. Duringrepparttar 107935 darkest days of World War II, Winston Churchill’s rousing speeches torepparttar 107936 British people used very simple, common, powerful words to successfully igniterepparttar 107937 courage and determination of his people.

So if it’s possible to communicate effectively without using a lot of very big words, why should we bother to try to expand our vocabulary? The reason is that learning new words expands our understanding and improves our “mental muscles”. Every new word we learn entices our mind to stretch into new areas.

When we have a larger bank of words to draw on, we improve our ability to think and express ourselves. Our thinking will become more fluid and supple, and we will understand more ofrepparttar 107938 world around us and within us, when we have a larger vocabulary. Inrepparttar 107939 modern worldrepparttar 107940 ability to use words effectively is often highly rewarded.

The English language has an enormous number of words, perhaps more than half a million of them. Most people however, use a vocabulary of just a few thousand common words on a daily basis. It is possible to get by inrepparttar 107941 English language with a limited number of words, but you expand your options as you expand your vocabulary. When you understand very few words, you are limited in your ability to learn new information.

If you want to increase your vocabulary, there are many approaches you can use. One good way is to read books or articles that are slightly more difficult than what you are accustomed to. When you come across a word you don’t know, see if you can figure out its meaning fromrepparttar 107942 context. Look atrepparttar 107943 wayrepparttar 107944 word is made up, with its letters and syllables. Does it remind you of any words you already know? What parts of it are familiar?

Many words inrepparttar 107945 English language are made up of common roots they share with other words. You may be able to deducerepparttar 107946 meaning ofrepparttar 107947 new word fromrepparttar 107948 wayrepparttar 107949 syllables are put together andrepparttar 107950 way it is used. You should consult a dictionary to be sure.

If you come across a word you don’t understand duringrepparttar 107951 course of a lecture or a conversation, you can ask someone to explainrepparttar 107952 meaning ofrepparttar 107953 word. Many people are reluctant to do this because they are afraid of exposing their ignorance by asking.

It is occasionally true that other people may choose to look down on you if you confess that you don’t understand a certain word. Onrepparttar 107954 other hand, they may be happy to teach you something new. If you decide you don’t want to ask anyone else forrepparttar 107955 meaning of words you don’t know, be sure to make a note of those new words and look them up later.

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