Interior Decorating With Picture Frames

Written by Antigone Arthur

Interior Decorating With Picture Frames

There are many ways to decoraterepparttar interior of your home, nonerepparttar 145607 least of which is with picture frames. Picture frames haverepparttar 145608 unique ability to personalize a house in more ways than one. You can share with friends, family and visitors your memories and cherished moments.

There are literally dozens of different picture frames to choose from including:

  • Collage picture frames
  • Digital picture frames
  • Magnetic picture frames
  • Shadow boxes
  • Wholesale picture frames

You don't have to spend a fortune to decorate your home using picture frames. In fact cheap picture frames or discount picture frames look just as classy and elegant as expensive ones. One thing you do need to do before decorating your home however is stock up on picture framing supplies. Be sure you get any matte, mounting equipment and other items you need so you can do your decorating in one fell swoop.

Steps For Decorating Your Home

There are several steps you can follow to ensure your decorating goes well. Here are a few tips for saving time and decorating efficiently:

  1. First inventory allrepparttar 145609 photographs and memorabilia you have. Separate groups of photos and memento's into categories. Some ideas include vacation shots, weddings, birthdays, children etc.
  2. Survey your home. Take some time out to decide what walls and areas ofrepparttar 145610 home you would like to display your pictures in. Stairwells are a popular choice for displaying photographs. You can also use wall space inrepparttar 145611 living room, dining room and bedrooms. Hallways are also a great area for displaying pictures and frames, as are foyers.
  3. Don't forget, you won't have to mount all frames, like digital picture frames. These picture frames look great as stand-alones. You can decorate your office, bedroom and den with them.
  4. Assessrepparttar 145612 number of frames you need relative torepparttar 145613 photos you have.
  5. Deciderepparttar 145614 style frames you want in each area ofrepparttar 145615 house. Try to matchrepparttar 145616 style ofrepparttar 145617 frame torepparttar 145618 theme ofrepparttar 145619 photograph and then torepparttar 145620 decor ofrepparttar 145621 room.

Tips For Hanging Your Pictures

Before you start hanging your pictures, be sure you gather all your supplies together. You will need atrepparttar 145622 minimum your frames, pictures, hanging wire, a hammer, pencil and some wall screws. If you can, enlistrepparttar 145623 assistance of a housemate or family member to help you hang pictures. They will help you decide if your pictures are placed correctly and hung evenly.

Hollywood Gets Crafty

Written by Randae Radford

Sometimes it's hard to imagine thatrepparttar stars who shine so brightly on cinematic screens are people just likerepparttar 145606 rest of us. We often think that their lives are so much more interesting and exciting than our own and that we have little or nothing in common withrepparttar 145607 Hollywood crowd.

Well, it may surprise you to know that at least some of today's hottest stars enjoy perfectly normal leisure activities that we might acquaint more readily with something your grandmother enjoys doing.

I'm talking about crafts. More specifically, knitting and crocheting. These two activities are especially hot in recent years and Hollywood stars and other celebrities are certainly not immune torepparttar 145608 lure of a relaxing evening spent with a crochet hook or knitting needles and a skein of yarn or two.

Indeed, some stars seem to be particularly captivated -- some might even say addicted -- by these old-time traditional activities. Julia Roberts, for example, is now well-known as a knitting enthusiast who loves to knit sweaters and was once photographed knitting onrepparttar 145609 set of a movie she was working on.

Other well-known knitters include Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker and Hilary Swank. Not to be left out, some well known celebrity men have decided that knitting is not just an activity for women. Tough-guy actor Russell Crowe and former NFL player Rosie Grier have made no secret ofrepparttar 145610 fact that they enjoy it as well.

And who didnít seerepparttar 145611 TV footage of Martha Stewart and her now-famous "Coming Home" poncho that she was wearing during her trip home to Connecticut after completion of her sentence at Alderson Federal Prison in West Virginia?

The poncho was reportedly crocheted especially for Martha by one of her fellow inmates and after it appeared on TV, it seemed every knit and crochet addict inrepparttar 145612 country had to haverepparttar 145613 pattern. There was so much demand forrepparttar 145614 pattern that it crashedrepparttar 145615 server that hosts Lion Brandís web site soon after they posted a version ofrepparttar 145616 pattern there.

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