Interfaith Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Written by Heather Greene

These days, it's becoming more and more common for couples of different religious backgrounds to get married. Many religions have embraced this fact-- in two ofrepparttar four major Jewish sects, interfaith marriages are regularly performed, most Protestant clergy are willing to officiant interfaith marriages, and more and more Catholic priests, Conservative Judaism rabbis, and Islamic leaders are conducting interfaith ceremonies. Ask other interfaith couples in your area for recommendations if you're having a hard time finding someone yourself. Or, you could have your wedding performed by a non-religious officiant. You will still haverepparttar 126931 opportunity to incorporate religion into your ceremony if you do this, but it will eliminaterepparttar 126932 hassle of finding a religious officiant who's views about interfaith marriage arerepparttar 126933 same as yours.

It may not be easy pulling off an interfaith ceremony. Your relatives may be upset that you are straying from tradition and even you and your fiance may have some different ideas about howrepparttar 126934 ceremony should be run and which traditions and rituals should be part ofrepparttar 126935 ceremony. You will need to take a lot of time to consider exactly what marrying someone of a different faith means to you and how you will handle your differences onrepparttar 126936 wedding day and beyond. With some compromising and understanding though, we're sure you're interfaith wedding will go on without a hitch.

Since there is no traditional interfaith ceremony format, we can not recommend one that you should follow, but below you will find some tips for how to incorporate two religions into your ceremony.

Involving Both Families-- Chances are, if anyone is upset about you having an interfaith marriage it'srepparttar 126937 older generation-- your parents and grandparents. The best thing you can do to help them come to terms with your decision and understand it is to have both families participate inrepparttar 126938 ceremony. Unity candles are a wonderful idea to involve both parents and in this case,repparttar 126939 candle lighting will have extra symbolism as you are not only joining your two families, but also your two faiths. At many interfaith marriages involving Christian and Jewish grooms and brides you will notice thatrepparttar 126940 couple is taking a cue fromrepparttar 126941 Jewish religion and having both parents walkrepparttar 126942 bride and groom downrepparttar 126943 aisle. This is sure to make both sets of parents feel special onrepparttar 126944 big day.

A Matter Of The End Being Nigh?

Written by A K Whitehead

A Matter Of The End Being Nigh?

For years, decades even, we have been assailed by "prophets", conference speakers, writers and similar torepparttar effect that "the end is nigh". In other words, that we are living inrepparttar 126930 end times, that is,repparttar 126931 end end times. The Second Coming will be here before you can get home today!!

The Track Record Should we believe these people? On a probability basisrepparttar 126932 answer must be resoundingly negative. Christian have been assailed for two thousand centuries by people who claimed thatrepparttar 126933 end is imminent. They were all wrong! Even so outstanding a disciple as Paul of Tarsus was wrong. Look at (probably)repparttar 126934 very first letter he wrote (or at least,repparttar 126935 first letter of his of which we have a copy,repparttar 126936 First Letter torepparttar 126937 Thessalonians, commonly dated to AD 50). This reflects his current view thatrepparttar 126938 Second Coming would probably happen before tea-time!But it did not.

Clearly someone, somewhere, sometime is going to be right. Eventually. But inrepparttar 126939 meantime...?

Which begsrepparttar 126940 question as to how longrepparttar 126941 meantime will be, and that simply putsrepparttar 126942 original question in a different form.

So what grounds are there for believing that people today know better that Paul did in his day - Paul who was so very, very near to God? Does someone, anyone haverepparttar 126943 answer?

Who Has The Answer? Well, Jesus told us who hasrepparttar 126944 answer. Not himself, in his humanity, walkingrepparttar 126945 earth: "No-one knows that day or hour, not evenrepparttar 126946 angels in heaven, nor repparttar 126947 Son, but onlyrepparttar 126948 Father." (Matthew 24:36)

If Jesus himself did not know, and if he has told us quite clearly that no one else knows either, why do we become so preoccupied in trying to predictrepparttar 126949 Second Coming? In trying to do something which he has implied is both impossible for us and is not our concern? If it was our concernrepparttar 126950 Father would not have hidden it and kept it from us

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