Interesting Coin Facts

Written by Jon Gammon

Here you can find some interesting coin facts, from how they were made, to what they are made of. United States coins have been around sincerepparttar late 1700's, and they have made dramatic changes from then to now. The United States Mint isrepparttar 143702 largest manufacturer of currency inrepparttar 143703 world, and since its creation in 1792, they have become a very large entity withrepparttar 143704 production of not only United States coins, butrepparttar 143705 coins of other countries as well. One interesting coin fact is, How are coins made ? A design of a coin is made and lots of test models go into making a coin. Once a design is approved for minting, a plaster model ofrepparttar 143706 coin is made. Whenrepparttar 143707 plaster model is finished, an exact duplicate ofrepparttar 143708 coin is made into metal and a tracing lathe is used to mill a master die. This die is then detailed and finished byrepparttar 143709 engraver. This finished Master Die is now used to make duplicate dies for mintingrepparttar 143710 coins. These duplicate dies are tempered (hardened) to increaserepparttar 143711 life ofrepparttar 143712 die. Strips of a metal alloy called Zinc is used to produce coins. The Zinc is plated with copper or nickel, for pennies and nickels. Dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars, are made with three metals. The outer material of these are made ofrepparttar 143713 same alloy used in nickels.

1944 Steel Penny

Written by Jon Gammon

In 1943, copper to a hard hit due torepparttar war andrepparttar 143701 government decides to use steel in its production of pennies. Well this only lasted a year because they found that steel didn't work very well and resorted back to using copper. Well duringrepparttar 143702 production of bothrepparttar 143703 1943 copper penny andrepparttar 143704 1944 steel penny, some ofrepparttar 143705 blanks used to strikerepparttar 143706 coins got mixed in withrepparttar 143707 dates. The rare finds arerepparttar 143708 1943 copper penny (not steel) andrepparttar 143709 1944 steel penny ( not copper).

A 1944 Steel Penny has been found!!! That's Right 1944 wasrepparttar 143710 correct date. It was speculated that a 1944 Steel Penny could have existed, but there have not been many found. Or it could be that people may not be willing to part with them for their own reasons. So you say how can this actually be, well it is quite simple really, just like withrepparttar 143711 1943 Steel Penny's that were made,

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