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Written by Charles Essmeier

Introduced in 1982,repparttar compact disc was intended to provide better sound thanrepparttar 140944 40-year-old long-play record album, popularly known asrepparttar 140945 LP. Using a laser rather than a diamond needle for playbackrepparttar 140946 compact disc was smaller, more convenient to use, and less susceptible to damage thanrepparttar 140947 LP. A bonus was thatrepparttar 140948 format was said to offer “perfect sound forever.” “Forever” isn’t that long these days; improvements in digital sound have come along inrepparttar 140949 last twenty years andrepparttar 140950 music industry introduced two new formats this decade that are designed to improve uponrepparttar 140951 “perfect” sound ofrepparttar 140952 compact disc. Those formats arerepparttar 140953 Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) and DVD Audio (DVD-A.) Overrepparttar 140954 years, various audio publications have criticizedrepparttar 140955 sound of compact discs, describingrepparttar 140956 sound as “harsh”, “brittle” or “sterile” compared torepparttar 140957 sound ofrepparttar 140958 LP. After years of research, SACD and DVD-A were introduced several years ago and introduced sound that was said to be cleaner and more natural than that ofrepparttar 140959 compact disc. In addition, these formats offered multi-channel sound, and artists such as Pink Floyd offered special multi-channel versions of their albums to entice sales. It hasn’t worked, and sales of both formats peaked in 2003. What is interesting, however, is that both formats still trailrepparttar 140960 LP in sales!

According torepparttar 140961 Recording Industry Association of America,repparttar 140962 combined sales of SACD and DVD-A were less than those ofrepparttar 140963 LP in 2004. The music industry is in a slump atrepparttar 140964 moment, and sales of all formats were down last year. But sales of LPs were down 13% from 2003, while combined SACD and DVD-A sales were down 33%. It would appear thatrepparttar 140965 new formats are failing, even though they are said to be superior torepparttar 140966 compact disc. The LP, onrepparttar 140967 other hand, continues to have steady sales. Whilerepparttar 140968 major labels are still somewhat hesitant to release new product in LP form, labels that specialize in reissuing older material, such as Classic Records, are releasing as much product as their manufacturing capacity will permit. It is worth noting that much


Written by Liz Toone

Milton Keynes, Wednesday 1 June, 2005 - SAINT,repparttar Brussels based Rock/Pop band are pleased to announce that they will be playing two gigs onrepparttar 140838 same day near Milton Keynes on Sunday June 12th 2005.

Following on fromrepparttar 140839 successful launch of their debut album "Bones & Telephones" and recent appearances in Brussels, Barcelona, London, Dublin and Amsterdam, Saint have confirmed they will be appearing FREE at Folk-on-the-Green in Stony Stratford at 2.15pm on Sunday 12th June.

This appearance will be followed by a performance of their debut album, "Bones and Telephones" as part of ‘Stony Live’ onrepparttar 140840 same day atrepparttar 140841 Cock Hotel Marquee Suite, Stony Stratford from 8.00pm (tickets available from Andante Blues, High Street, Stony Stratford, price £4.00).

Saint lead singer, Steve Jones said "Saint are really excited about playing at both major events inrepparttar 140842 Milton Keynes music calendar onrepparttar 140843 same day. Folk-on-the-Green is always a great event andrepparttar 140844 opportunity to debut "Bones and Telephones" during Stony Live should make for a fantastic gig".

Saint, comprising of Steve on vocals & guitar, Laurent on lead guitar, Philou on bass guitar & Oli on Drums are all highly accomplished musicians. To giverepparttar 140845 new listener a hint torepparttar 140846 style of music that Saint play, imagine a blend of Radiohead and Coldplay with Placebo and U2 that results inrepparttar 140847 creation of both powerful and touching songs.

Fans of Saint and Saint newcomers alike will be pleased to know that several tracks from "Bones and Telephones" plus other well known Saint tracks can be heard at their website,

Saint have been playing several major European cities with its brand of melodic pop/rock for sometime and have now developed a considerable following in their home town of Brussels followingrepparttar 140848 release of their debut album "Bones & Telephones". Appearances on Belgian TV and Radio have also swelledrepparttar 140849 band’s following.

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