Intercessory Prayer for The Pentagon and Employees

Written by Angelique Watkins

I am sharing history of how I became to know aboutrepparttar Friday Prayer Mission and also ofrepparttar 126991 Friday Prayer Mission that I received today.

May 17, 2002

I am sending you this because of your interest in intercessory prayer for The Pentagon and those of us who work here.

Our time of prayer is on Friday's from 1130-1200. We have a Bible Study following from 1200-1300.

Here is what to pray for:

1. In 1997, I was shown byrepparttar 126992 L-rd that there are 3,000 believers that work inrepparttar 126993 Pentagon (almost a tithe). The problem is that we brothers and sisters inrepparttar 126994 faith do not know each other.

Please pray that 50 percent ofrepparttar 126995 believers here will stand up for Christ in their workplace one hour each week.

Here's how to pray:

a. That 1 in 2 believers here would attend a Bible Study for one hour or b. That 1 in 2 believers here would attend The Pentagon Prayer Breakfast for one hour c. That 1 in 2 believers here would attend a prayer group for one hour d. That 1 in 2 believers here would put a Bible on their desk. e. That 1 in 2 believers here would exercise with a Jesus T-shirt on.

2. Pray forrepparttar 126996 ministry ofrepparttar 126997 Christian Embassy

Ministry leaders are George Selden and here in The Pentagon: Rev. Corky

Eddins and Dick Morton.

3. Pray forrepparttar 126998 Chaplaincy. Army Chief of Chaplains Gunhus and Pentagon Chaplain COL Henry Haynes.

4. Please pray for those who are called to join us for prayer.

5. Please pray for us to not make this into a religion, but to wait on Him and The Holy Ghost.

Scripture reference: PSALM 60:11-12 PSALM 68:19-20

I plan to send you these updates once a week, each Friday afternoon.


Bud Greenberg

Washington, DC 20310-0700

Zimbabwe (Land Of Tears)

Written by Aleck Cartwright

Zimbabwe - Land of Tears

Zimbabwe has undergone a lot of changes overrepparttar last few years and not forrepparttar 126990 better. President Robert Mugabe has mystified many in his tyranical dictatorial and power hungry governing of a nation once seen asrepparttar 126991 bread basket of Africa.

In 1980, Zimbabwe got it's independance and after Ian Smith's government Robert Mugabe took power and invited both white and black Zimbabweans to build a new nation together. His fame was not disimilar to Mandela and he was seen as a good thing for Zimbabwe by many.

The nation of Zimbabwe was beautiful,repparttar 126992 economy strong for an African nation and it's future bright. The nations flag represented agricultural wealth, mineral wealth, politics and peace, with a bird asrepparttar 126993 national emblem. This bird came from a legend that spoke of a bird of prey that preyed on other birds and refused to end it's tyrany until it died - extinction was it's end.

Sadlyrepparttar 126994 legend, though it may just be a story, has become somewhat of a reality inrepparttar 126995 nation. The political fervour is still there, but much ofrepparttar 126996 agricultural wealth and mineral wealth are suffering arepparttar 126997 hand of a government that has lost it's peace. Any Zimbabwean, black or white, knows that things have got progressively worse overrepparttar 126998 last few years.

Many blamerepparttar 126999 drought forrepparttar 127000 situation of starvation in Southern Africa, though it is part ofrepparttar 127001 problem,repparttar 127002 real factors are a lot deeper than that. To many, mugabe is senile and mad, but it seems that there is method to his madness. He is truly evil and Marxism is his tool to supress black Africans and rid himself of white Africans.

To Western thinking Mugabe is a mad man, a loose cannon, power hungry and following inrepparttar 127003 steps of Idi Amin. To many other African leaders particularly in Southern Africa, he is a hero, a man who is not afraid to stand up againstrepparttar 127004 world and putrepparttar 127005 white population and their sympathisers onrepparttar 127006 run.

For Mugabe this is a battle, he is at war and will clamp down on any and all opposition. The leaders and governments ofrepparttar 127007 surrounding nations admire him and have not verbally disapproed of what he is doing. This is because they admire him. Why do I say this? Zimbabwe is totally dependant upon a link torepparttar 127008 sea via Mozambique and South Africa. If there two countries were against Mugabe they could cut off his lifeline of oil, exports and imports and put him in a straight jacket in under a week.

It is obvious that any landlocked countries in Africa are very vulnerable. Even road and rail routes in Southern Africa are unreliable except to Mozambique and South Africa. If South Africa wanted to it could put a stranglehold on Zimbabwe by closingrepparttar 127009 borders. militaarily, Mugabe is powerful with a huge army, but so are South Africa and Botswana. It can be safely said that no borders will close and no military action will be taken against Zimbabwe.

Sam Nujoma is doing a similar land requisition programme in Namibia and seems to following in his "big brothers" footsteps, he has always admired Mugabe andrepparttar 127010 same programme may soon move ahead in South Africa whererepparttar 127011 ANC has strong ties with Mugabe. In South Africa this crises could easily lead to war.

Mugabe is at war againstrepparttar 127012 MDC (Movement For Democratic Change) which he sees as a political party sponsored and supported byrepparttar 127013 white farmers. The leaders ofrepparttar 127014 MDC are all native Zimbabweans, but Mugabe knows that much ofrepparttar 127015 white population supportrepparttar 127016 MDC and encourage their workers to make their vote count againstrepparttar 127017 Zanu PF government. The MDC has refused to take up arms against Mugabe fearing that he might call a state of emergency and then runrepparttar 127018 whole country like an army general with no elections or any democratic vote. This is almostrepparttar 127019 case as it is, butrepparttar 127020 MDC has still made a stand despite murder, torture and oppression.

Mugabe has made many promises he hasn't kept including free houses, schools and education byrepparttar 127021 year 2000. The black population as well asrepparttar 127022 whites is becoming increasingly nervous. Most ofrepparttar 127023 land that has been taken away has been given to goverment officials withinrepparttar 127024 Zanu PF to gain their coontinued support. The army andrepparttar 127025 police have been given substantial pay rises and many perks. Petrol for Zimbabwe was shipped up torepparttar 127026 war in Congo where thousands of Zimbabwean soldiers were fighting.

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