Interactive Content – Blogs, Forums and Feedback – what does your web site need?

Written by Justine Curtis, Enable UK

Both search engines and customers love fresh, updated information. Nothing promotes a business online better than staying in touch with prospects. The more interactiverepparttar continued contact,repparttar 147536 betterrepparttar 147537 relationship that is built with a potential client. But there’s no need to groan atrepparttar 147538 thought of having to work hard at adding new content to your web site, it's not as complicated as you might think.

For more information about how to get interactive with your customers, take a look at our guide “Building Online Relationships” available here:

The business principle of continued contact and online relationship building has given rise torepparttar 147539 popularity of online business blogs, forums and feedback opportunities. Interactive online communication definerepparttar 147540 web site owners as experts inrepparttar 147541 eyes of visitors, and serve as a promotional vehicle for other products and services thatrepparttar 147542 business seeks to sell. Continued, interactive contact can bring many benefits, such as:

·You'll find out what type of content visitors want to see at your web site. This will attract your visitors to revisit and readrepparttar 147543 content.

·You'll find out how to improve existing products or services. This will attract new customers to buy from your business.

·You'll find out which products or services your customers would like to see you sell inrepparttar 147544 future. This will increase your back end product sales.

·You'll find out how to improve your customer service. This will cut down on customer complaints and how to better resolve problems.

·You'll find out how to improve your sales letters or adverts. This will increase your sales, traffic or subscribers.

·You'll find out how to design your web site to fit your visitors’ needs and wants. This will increaserepparttar 147545 time your visitors spend on your web site.

·You'll find out what kind of non-related products or services your customers would buy. This will help your business easily move into a different market.

·You'll find out how to better price your products. This will help you sell your products or services at a price that will pullrepparttar 147546 most orders.

·You'll find outrepparttar 147547 interests of your potential customers. This will inform you where to market and promote your products.

Getting Started So where do you start? Do you need a blog, a forum, or a feedback form? All have different uses and your selection will depend onrepparttar 147548 needs of your particular business and your limitation with regard to time and/or budget. Below are some ofrepparttar 147549 options and some ideas for adding interactive and fresh content to your web site.

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Weblogs or Blogs A blog is basically a series of posts that appear byrepparttar 147550 date posted like an online journal. Setup is minimal andrepparttar 147551 interface is easy to learn- if you can use a word processing package, you can write a blog! Services like Moveable Type and Blogger make it incredibly easy for anyone to publish onrepparttar 147552 web.

Blogs can be integrated seamlessly into your site so that they haverepparttar 147553 same look and feel. You can use a blog to publish an events calendar or comment on developments and news from your industry. A blog can be strictly professional, announcing special offers or new product info or it can be casual and create a "personality" for your company.

What can a blog do for your business? Think about what your customers want to know.

To add interactivity, several blog programs come with a "comment" ability built in. This allows general users to create an account and post their comments to your blog. This is something to be careful of as you can get negative comments along withrepparttar 147554 positive.

Forums While online forums are popular andrepparttar 147555 perfect method of relationship building, starting a forum and maintaining one can be challenging, especially inrepparttar 147556 beginning when members can be few and far between. The challenge for most new forum owners is to get beyondrepparttar 147557 initial start up phase and move onto a phase whererepparttar 147558 forum members themselves promoterepparttar 147559 forum simply by posting.

Forums have become a common feature in many websites. With good free scripts available, and paid scripts being relatively cheap, it seems that every new website has its own forum(s).

Do's and Don'ts in Web Design - part 2 (content)

Written by Cyber Logic Host™

Do know your audience It's important to know your audience. If you write for a site that sells toys you'll use other words, colors, images etc. compared to a site for online banking. Write and design with your visitors in mind. Don't get tempted to write for yourself.

Don't use meaningless words Do you have a cool site with hot subjects? Or a hot site with cool subjects? On some hype-sensitive sites these kind of words might be useful but on most sites you'd better refrain from meaningless words.

Do write aboutrepparttar subject Write aboutrepparttar 147367 subject. Saying: This page is about breeding goldfish talks aboutrepparttar 147368 page. Instead, start right away withrepparttar 147369 subject. Breeding goldfish is a popular hobby....

Don't use jargon Avoid jargon. That goes for Internet jargon but also for jargon for any other subject. Only if your site is focused on a selective group of specialists jargon might make sense.

Do use short sentences Use short sentences. The World Wide Web is fast. Your visitors want to get your info in a snap. So read and reread your text. Then cut out as many unnecessary words as possible.

Don't write technical Don't write technical. Your visitors don't care how you created your site and that you prefer Perl over TCL/TK (orrepparttar 147370 other way around). Instead write about your subject.

Do use correct spelling OK, this one will turn against me.... Use correct English or whatever language your site is written in. As a standard routine use a spelling checker but don't rely completely on it. Human proof reading is necessary. This can be difficult - especially if you're not native speaking English.

Don't show any page under construction Don't publish a page that's under construction. People will hate you if you do. Ifrepparttar 147371 page isn't finished, it's not ready to be published. In a sense most pages are always under construction because they are updated (more or less) frequently.

Do userepparttar 147372 first screen Be sure to put important text onrepparttar 147373 first part of your page,repparttar 147374 part that will show up first on a screen.

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