Inter-Linking Articles Strategy – What You Need to Know

Written by Emmanuel Mendonca

Webmasters have so much information available to them onrepparttar Internet about how to increase traffic to their web sites, but how do you keep visitors onrepparttar 150059 site when they get there? If you happen to userepparttar 150060 articles format in order to provide interesting content for your readers, have you considered what they do when they finish reading one of your articles?

Actionsrepparttar 150061 reader will take, will include: navigating to another part ofrepparttar 150062 web site (if you are lucky and have a well designed site); typing another web site address into their browser; and, closing down their browser and doing something else – perhaps resuming their work after a lunch break. If you are a webmaster,repparttar 150063 first of these would obviously be your preferred outcome. But a reader who randomly navigates through your pages at speed, is notrepparttar 150064 ideal. How do you not only keep a reader on your site, but also keep them engaged with your articles and possiblyrepparttar 150065 products you are offering, while they finishrepparttar 150066 second half of their lunchtime sandwich?

The answer is very simple really, but many webmasters do not userepparttar 150067 strategy I am about to outline, when they place articles on their sites –repparttar 150068 inter-linking strategy. What is it? It is simplyrepparttar 150069 practice of linking one article on your web site to another related article and clearly signalingrepparttar 150070 link to your reader. People who write articles in different steps or parts use it already e.g. atrepparttar 150071 end of “Tips on How to Save Money – Part 1” they will have a link to “Tips on How to Save Money – Part 2”. But there is no reason why we should not all be taking advantage of this simple but very effective strategy.

How to make an online survey work

Written by Phil Blasco

What do people really think of your web site ? Do they find easily what they are looking for ? What do they want you to add torepparttar site ? Isrepparttar 147942 web site easy to use ?

Feedback form and guestbook do not give enough qualitative information to these questions.

Statistics give us information onrepparttar 147943 quantity of visits more than onrepparttar 147944 quality. Although we can estimaterepparttar 147945 average length of visit,repparttar 147946 number of page views orrepparttar 147947 most popular paths, we still don't know for sure whatrepparttar 147948 people think ofrepparttar 147949 site.

The best way to get an answer is to askrepparttar 147950 site's users in a direct, simple and convivial way. The online survey give us a precise estimation ofrepparttar 147951 site users opinion that no other tools can match.

However a few requirements must be met in order to get valid information:

The choice ofrepparttar 147952 questions is essential. List your priorities first. What do you want to get fromrepparttar 147953 survey ? Focus on your priorities. Do not ask questions that won't help to fulfillrepparttar 147954 goals set.

The questions must relate to a significant part ofrepparttar 147955 audience. Ifrepparttar 147956 site is about cars do not ask question about trucks unless you want to create a new “truck” section.

The questions need to be as precise as possible in order to get relevant answers and useful information.

Too many open questions will not allow to seerepparttar 147957 significant trends ofrepparttar 147958 audience becauserepparttar 147959 answers will be too diverse. An open question is where users are free to giverepparttar 147960 answer they want.

Too many closed questions will not allow you to know very precisely whatrepparttar 147961 people think of your site. A close question is where you give a choice of answers to.

A good qualitative survey is a balance between open and closed questions to meet your goals.

It is necessary to limitrepparttar 147962 survey to one response per IP address. This wayrepparttar 147963 survey is clean and is not perverted by many answers from a same unique user. A good online survey software should haverepparttar 147964 functionality to identify an IP address and to block it after a survey is filled.

Online software help you to build, manage and analyze a web survey.

Some run onrepparttar 147965 same server asrepparttar 147966 analyzed site's. Others work on a third party's server.

Some are free, some are limited by a number of surveys or questions, or answers.

In order to getrepparttar 147967 best information as possible inrepparttar 147968 most tailored way,repparttar 147969 best option is to install a software on your server and to customizerepparttar 147970 survey to your own need.

I recommend CsPoller, a cgi-script, cheap, customizable, easy to use.

Other choices are SurveyMonkey and Zoomerang as third-party online survey software.

A good qualitative survey should have:

Less than 10 questions: people do not haverepparttar 147971 time. They only have a few minutes spare to spend onrepparttar 147972 survey.

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