Intellectual Property Theft Has Never Been Easier - Is your enterprise protected?

Written by CipherTrust

Intellectual property (IP) is atrepparttar core of any business. Confidential manufacturing processes, financial information, customer lists, digital source code, marketing strategies, research data or any other compilation of information used to obtain competitive advantage could be deadly to your enterprise if it ends up inrepparttar 105302 wrong hands.

Email-Based Communication Vulnerabilities IP can leaverepparttar 105303 enterprise at any of a number of points. Failure to quickly recognize and protect these “soft spots” in your network security could have tragic results forrepparttar 105304 long-term viability ofrepparttar 105305 company.

Attachment and content filtering Unless your email security solution includes robust attachment and content filtering elements, anyone with access to your email network can send literally file cabinets worth of information to a private email account, to be retrieved at their convenience from any computer inrepparttar 105306 world. A single attachment can contain many years’ worth of confidential information, and if you allow it to leave your enterprise gateway, you may as well just publish it.

Intrusion prevention Intrusion prevention is another Achilles’ heel for companies with inadequate email security in place. Even intermediate hackers can use email to gain access torepparttar 105307 company’s digital backbone unlessrepparttar 105308 necessary steps have been taken to keep them out. Once these hackers have access torepparttar 105309 network, they can steal virtually anything stored anywhere on your network. For an example, we need look no farther back than August 2004, whenrepparttar 105310 University of California, Berkeley suffered a network intrusion that resulted inrepparttar 105311 theft ofrepparttar 105312 personal information of about 600,000 people.

Email encryption Failure to encrypt email communication can also provide opportunity for would-be IP thieves. Messages to trusted partners, customers or any other recipients outsiderepparttar 105313 network can be intercepted and read by anyone with rudimentary knowledge of email systems. Encrypting these conversations ensures that nobody butrepparttar 105314 sender and recipient haverepparttar 105315 ability to readrepparttar 105316 messages contained withinrepparttar 105317 email.

Phishing The explosion in phishing attacks, which utilize social engineering tactics to extract confidential information from email users, has presented a completely new and extremely dangerous method of IP theft. Unwitting employees are an easy target for phishers, who may pose as business partners, clients or any other “friendly” sender in order to gain access to sensitive information.

6 Strong Reasons Why RSS Beats Email Marketing

Written by Mustafa Khundmiri

A brand new marketing tool predicted to replace email is currently sweepingrepparttar World Wide Web like a storm.

The Internet is experiencingrepparttar 105301 so-called “orange” revolution and there’s no stopping to it. The online marketing world is rigorously seen chanting a 3-letter mantra, R-S-S.

Yes, RSS is here and it’s got substance, material, style, sophistication…

In a word, it’s gotrepparttar 105302 ‘X’ factor.

RSS, which stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, isrepparttar 105303 newest andrepparttar 105304 fastest growing technology online. Many publishers, webmasters and marketers are adopting RSS. It has helped spam go down to a great extent and made bulk messages a thing of past.

No wonder spammers are shaking in their boots all overrepparttar 105305 web!

Here are 6 strong reasons why RSS beats email marketing torepparttar 105306 core:

1. Kiss Spam Filters Goodbye - RSS can help you distribute your content directly to your subscribers, without any spam filters interfering. Your messages will never get blacklisted and blocked and will always be delivered promptly, unless and until your subscribers choose to endrepparttar 105307 relationship themselves.

2. Subscribing Is Easy - Your subscribers don't have to worry about giving out any of their personal details to subscribe and read your RSS feeds. All they need to do is, add your feed to their online or desktop RSS reader and that’s it. They are ready to receive and read content from you without any hassles.

3. Un-subscribing Is Easier - Removing your subscriber’s email from your email list automatically has it’s own share of problems, and it doesn’t work allrepparttar 105308 time. However, when you talk about RSS, it’s easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe from your publication. They can stop receiving messages from you any time by simply deleting your feed from their RSS reader. Simple as that!

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