Integrating Soul and Science

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

"Spirit is beyondrepparttar void of space. This realm, beyondrepparttar 122263 void, is not an empty nothingness; it isrepparttar 122264 womb of creation. -- Nature goes torepparttar 122265 same place to create a galaxy of stars, a cluster of nebulas, a rain forest, a human body, or a thought... That place is Spirit." (1) The idea of thought coming from Spirit is a little general and not something I agree with unless he means REAL thought rather than regurgitated thought. Deepak Chopra is a great and wonderful human being who escapedrepparttar 122266 material competitive focused world andrepparttar 122267 'expertise' that was his, as a doctor. However, we have shown that science is getting dangerously close to finding templates and forms that mirror this kind of philosophy. The church felt science was philosophy and that all things came from this kind of godhead inrepparttar 122268 'Dark Ages'; and scientists have justifiably thought any mention of a bridge to religion is fraught with these kinds of intellectual authoritarian terrors. Perhaps now we can re-evaluate our belief in godly forces and not involve religious or priestly interpreters who ask us to 'follow' like sheep. To replace one set of interpreters with another form of 'expertise' is not good. Surely there is a balance that harmonizes with purpose and true knowingness. I likerepparttar 122269 thought expressed by James Watson in his foreword to Discoveringrepparttar 122270 Brain. He said, ‘The brain bogglesrepparttar 122271 mind.’. It is also true that a lot ofrepparttar 122272 ‘boggling’ has been done by those saying they seek God. The equipment based on Tesla's 'non-force info packets' that draws energy from a vacuum that Bearden has patented andrepparttar 122273 wireless transmission of generated energy will make perpetual motion seem tame. The real possibilities of using other dimensions as storage for energy we create could be just aroundrepparttar 122274 corner. Somedayrepparttar 122275 barriers we have created in our real world through an ignorant adherence to conventions of black and white certainty will be brought down just likerepparttar 122276 Berlin Wall; we built it to keep ideas and people from each other. I'm not cognizant of allrepparttar 122277 ins and outs of 'red-shifts' or other astrophysical esoterics sorepparttar 122278 generalities of my insights might not have as much merit. The exorcisms I've been involved in helping free bothrepparttar 122279 possessed and possessor are part ofrepparttar 122280 limbo state which energy exists in after death. Does this limbo state includerepparttar 122281 same energy band- width that our solar or auric body travels in? Not by experience ofrepparttar 122282 astral work I've done. However, one can meet dead people in astral travel if one has a guide orrepparttar 122283 spirit is attuned that you are about to visit. That spirit would be a multi-dimensional traveler then. There are many shades and variations of spiritual bandwidths and it may be because there is so much more energy inrepparttar 122284 unseen world thatrepparttar 122285 astrophysicists told us about earlier. Ninety-five per cent versus 5 per cent is a large ratio in favor ofrepparttar 122286 unseen. The ultraviolet and light energies might even be part ofrepparttar 122287 visible universe, which would mean we can only actually see a percentage ofrepparttar 122288 material universe. And as big an issue as all of this kind of talk is, we still must consider whether or not we know what we see when it slaps us inrepparttar 122289 face, as they say. The average person today will likely have their mind and senses closed torepparttar 122290 opportunity thatrepparttar 122291 thalami offer to accentuate, amplify and direct non-visual forces to our conscious processing centers. The operational paradigms ofrepparttar 122292 spiritual world are a science unto themselves, andrepparttar 122293 astrophysicists may not have as good a picture as I hope they do. There are those I have met, who can travel between dimensions and we will deal with these aspects of life and natural possibilities versus hallucination in other parts of this book. But, ifrepparttar 122294 modern research is right aboutrepparttar 122295 Thalami, I feel quite certain that allrepparttar 122296 dimensions are at our disposal in every aspect of our existence. When one remembersrepparttar 122297 way we thought about spirits and devils as we listened torepparttar 122298 preachers who tried to tell us about HELL - it is difficult to open our minds to what they were saying aboutrepparttar 122299 saints who performedrepparttar 122300 very miracles that men and women have always been able to do. We see thatrepparttar 122301 'Gospel of Thomas' fromrepparttar 122302 Dag (or Nag) Hammadi 'finds' confirms Jesus never performed any miracle that you or I can't do. We are allrepparttar 122303 'children of God' (John 10:34). The dimensional spiritual world is science and real even if we are ignorant of it. That is whatrepparttar 122304 Gnostics he studied with say isrepparttar 122305 'Original Sin' that separates us from God - IGNORANCE! Scipio Africanus and others before and afterrepparttar 122306 time of Jesus were used to seeing each other andrepparttar 122307 spirits of their loved ones alive or dead! In many instances there is potential to visualizerepparttar 122308 future and it will happen with proper INTENT. Bucky Fuller did it, and I have too. Some sayrepparttar 122309 forces of darkness that createdrepparttar 122310 Dark Age were able to re-programrepparttar 122311 world mind torepparttar 122312 point that our ability was diminished byrepparttar 122313 evil they fomented. Energy of a negative nature does have to be attuned with good, in order for Abraxas or unity to occur, onrepparttar 122314 grand scale and as an individual. That is why selfish prayer is wasteful and one must operate in 'brotherhood' and love to come up with things likerepparttar 122315 geodesic dome or wireless 'free energy'. Still these things are onrepparttar 122316 shelf and few really know how great they are and how much betterrepparttar 122317 world might be. Microchemical potentials and observations are exciting corollaries to chaos science. The laws of universe are 'unfolding as they should' (Desiderata was a nice poem that Pierre Trudeau often quoted as Canada's Prime Minister when I was a young man.) 'whether or not it is clear' to us! There are always good things to learn when one looks atrepparttar 122318 work of these scientists. I especially enjoy those who are willing to do what Bucky Fuller described when he talked about 'stepping outsiderepparttar 122319 circle' or 'biting his tongue' when he felt complacent inrepparttar 122320 knowledge he had in a particular area of deliberation. Professor Morowitz is a microbiologist and chemist at Yale University who we will show later as an example of what can happen when people think integratively and lose their ego. He also correctly observes that few ofrepparttar 122321 physical sciences encourage this integration. Is it possible to have an answer whenrepparttar 122322 questions are slanted to dovetail with only one perspective? We respectfully offer that no real truth has ever resulted fromrepparttar 122323 need of any tenured or other 'expert' who sought power from his peers rather than enlightenment from 'ALL that is!'

New Moon Reflections for Libra

Written by Ronni Lynn

According to Jan Spiller's marvelous book New Moon Astrology (Bantam Books) each month there is an opportunity to make personal wishes withrepparttar advent ofrepparttar 122262 New Moon.

The moon changes astrological signs approximately every two days. However, whenrepparttar 122263 moon exactly conjunctsrepparttar 122264 sun (shares it’s astrological degree), it is no longer visible inrepparttar 122265 sky and at this point inrepparttar 122266 lunar cycle it is called a "NewMoon". This occurs once every month (in rare instances, twice) and marksrepparttar 122267 beginning of a new monthly astrological cycle.

The new moon signifies a start of a new personal cycle each month. It's a time to renew or revise our goals, reach for what we wish for most and renew ourselves. When setting goals or aspiring towards our dreams and desires it is important to keep a few things in mind. First of all, our wishes can only involve ourselves. We cannot try to change others, only our attitudes towards those people, in hopes that they will respond favorably to us. Another important aspect of this process is to meditate onrepparttar 122268 qualities ofrepparttar 122269 sign thatrepparttar 122270 new moon is occurring in. These astrological qualities will give us powerful hints on what to strive for, and how to approach or strategize towards what we want to accomplish. It is a good idea to set approximately 10 goals or wishes each month. Jan Spiller also suggests that you do not combine several wishes into one wish! Keep your thoughts clear and separate, and write them down each month. I recommend a special notebook or journal exclusively used for this purpose.

It is often best not to include a wish unless you can clearly visualize it coming into fruition within your imagination. If not, there may be preliminary steps you need to take first, so instead, try visualizing these. Trust your feelings and intuition in this process- you will know what feels right. Some wishes become realized soon afterrepparttar 122271 new moon. Others are more resistant and can take many months. Keep repeating wishes each month until they begin coming true as long as you continue to believe that they are right for you. When things in your life such as people, events, and your own attitudes begin to "shift", welcome this new change as evidence that your life is now reflecting your positive intentions. Try to go along with these shifts, as they may be helping you fulfill a wish!

Whenrepparttar 122272 new moon is inrepparttar 122273 astrological sign of Libra we can begin to focus on how we interact with other people. Libra isrepparttar 122274 sign that teaches us about healthy and balanced relationships. The reason that relationships require constant balance is that they involve two people. It is very fitting then, that Libra’s symbol isrepparttar 122275 “Scales”.

This month we would benefit from contemplating our relationships. In any relationship, romantic or otherwise, both partners must acceptrepparttar 122276 uniqueness andrepparttar 122277 differences ofrepparttar 122278 other person while not forgetting themselves inrepparttar 122279 process. This isn't so easy as we all know. This goes for all sorts of partnerships including marriage or long-term romantic partners as well as business relations, student-teacher relationships, close friendships and so on. When you refer to another as "my" as in "my boyfriend", "my co-worker" "my teacher" or "my business partner" they fall intorepparttar 122280 Libra realm of significant others. As we wish for harmony and balance this month, you may feel a gentle shift in your reactions to others. Welcome this change in yourself as it could be just what you need to get a fresh start on how you relate interpersonally.

Before embarking on healthy relationships or when entering into negotiations with others, it is most vital that a preliminary step is taken. This step acts as a foundation for relating in a balanced way with others. What is this step? It is "knowing thyself"! First formulate a clear picture of who you are and what you want in relation torepparttar 122281 other person or social situation. If you are going to compromise with others, as is usuallyrepparttar 122282 case, it is important that you are aware of what you may be altering or giving up. If there is something that you are unable to compromise about, it is good to go into a relationship knowing this beforehand- before you run into a roadblock with this person.

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