Integrating Daily Life with Reading Comprehension

Written by Freda J. Glatt, M.S.

Did you know there are many questions you could ask your child during common, daily activities that would reinforce a reading skill? Below are just a few scenarios.

1. Riding Around Town

a. Have your child name beginning, middle, or ending letters and sounds forrepparttar names of stores, streets, and auto tags. Reverserepparttar 140709 questioning by saying you see a store beginning with a certain letter or sound and ask your child which one it is. b. Reinforce sequencing by telling a couple of letters in a store or street name and asking which one comes next. c. Practice classifying by asking how many restaurants, clothing stores, pet stores, etc. your child sees on a block or in a shopping center. Instead of how many, ask your child to name them. d. To reinforce adjectives and nouns, have your child describe what he sees using as many ofrepparttar 140710 five senses as possible. e. Take this opportunity to practice left and right!! When approaching an intersection, ask which way you are going to turn and do not accept "That way!" as an answer!

2. Going Grocery Shopping

a. Readrepparttar 140711 ingredients of a product. Which isrepparttar 140712 most prevalent? (Clue: The answer isrepparttar 140713 first ingredient listed.) b. Findrepparttar 140714 nutrition information onrepparttar 140715 label. How much sugar, or anything else, is inrepparttar 140716 product? c. Locaterepparttar 140717 cooking directions. Will you be able to microwaverepparttar 140718 item? If you have to prepare it and have only 30 minutes to do so, will you have enough time if you buy this product? d. How isrepparttar 140719 store laid out? Make a rough diagram when you get home. Will you find apples whererepparttar 140720 cereal is? Will you find spaghetti on an aisle labeled Pasta? e. Compare two similar products for nutrition value, time to prepare, price, etc. Which isrepparttar 140721 healthiest? Which isrepparttar 140722 better value?

3. Going to a Restaurant

a. The menu is a great teaching tool! Have your child readrepparttar 140723 name ofrepparttar 140724 3rd vegetable,repparttar 140725 description ofrepparttar 140726 8th entree,repparttar 140727 price ofrepparttar 140728 5th dessert, etc. b. Readrepparttar 140729 name of a food, yourself, and ask your child to readrepparttar 140730 description; or readrepparttar 140731 description and ask forrepparttar 140732 name ofrepparttar 140733 food. c. Choose your entree and describe it. Is there anything sweet in it? Spicy? Review adjectives and nouns and be specific (ie: instead of big hamburger, try extra-large hamburger). d. Compare two entrees for same and different ingredients. e. Predict how a new entree or vegetable will taste. f. For math, estimaterepparttar 140734 total cost andrepparttar 140735 amount of tax. Do NOT use a calculator!

I Was a Hippie

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Perhaps I could make a lot of money by founding a Thinker’s Anonymous organization. It surely isrepparttar rage to eschew thinking.

Helping people achieve great things is worthwhile to your SELF.

If you do not know your SELF you will hurt those you try to make do what you want them to. This macho control mechanism built into materialistic society is exemplified by professionals and experts who are giving drugs to manage 'money-trees' (students and Ritalin or old people and ECT especially) and managing bureaucracies or saying they are 'just' as they lead us to in-'just'-ice: 1. War 2. Religion and divisive ethnic ideologies - rather than ecumenical spiritual goals 3. Hate for others and putting women in a second class status 4. Insisting on education to make others BE like them 5. Pursuit of power rather than LOVE and creativity

It is summed up inrepparttar 140669 words ofrepparttar 140670 noted journal The Economist in their millennium issue - they call what we have 'an inhumane bureaucracy' as they enumeraterepparttar 140671 outcome ofrepparttar 140672 Napoleonic War's institution of 'standing armies'.

Wholism is spiritual & ass-'holes' are not. Holism is not Wholism!

This is a response to a person who wantedrepparttar 140673 nuts and bolts of what I said in a detailed expose of Wholistic approaches that are in variance torepparttar 140674 way of many social programs and our overall bureaucracy. It is probably part ofrepparttar 140675 kind of thought thatrepparttar 140676 Beat Generation, Hippies and Goths or other drop-outs that ‘turn-on’ to new paradigms and alternatives, have been seeing sincerepparttar 140677 dawn of civilization.

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