Insure Your Whole Business

Written by James Brown

A business requires so many types of insurance, you may think "just one more" means "one too many." There's Worker's Compensation and other liability insurances -- required by law. There's health, major medical, dental, vision -- vital parts of an adequate benefit plan. There's even "key personnel" insurance that pays if certain members ofrepparttar team are unable to work due to illness or injury.

And, now, there's a new twist called prepaid legal plans -- "courtroom insurance" you could call it. If you think that this isrepparttar 119314 "one too many," you are risking everything as certainly as you would if you dropped your current insurance.

The American Bar Association says: "Americans have come to view legal assistance as a necessity [and]repparttar 119315 best way forrepparttar 119316 majority of Americans to be able to assure themselves of legal assistance when they need it... is through a prepaid legal plan."


Written by Donald B. Kramer

The internet provides many resources when you need to find a firm to assist inrepparttar collection of receivables. Directories will be able to providerepparttar 119313 names of law firms and collection agencies who specialize inrepparttar 119314 collection of delinquencies. Here are some sites to be considered: NARCA DIRECTORY. NARCA isrepparttar 119315 National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys. The internet directory can be found at Approximately 640 collection law firms are listed, with links to their e-mail and websites. Viewing is free. These firms generally work on a contingent fee basis, with no charge ifrepparttar 119316 account is not collected. They collect "retail" claims----that is, claims against consumers. "ATTORNEYFIND" Directory at is a directory of law firms in 70 categories, and includesrepparttar 119317 category of collections for

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