Instant plug-in scripts that help you profit... "Special offer expiry date with a twist"

Written by Michel Komarov

How would you like to add an irresistible sense of urgency to any of your online offers... instantly?

I thought so!

What I've go for you here isrepparttar perfect answer inrepparttar 105596 form of a special piece of JavaScript you can just copy and paste into your sa'les page.

So what does it do exactly?

It creates an active deadline date counting downrepparttar 105597 days until your offer expires.

So where'srepparttar 105598 twist?

What's extra special about this unique code is as soon asrepparttar 105599 offer is overrepparttar 105600 HTML code you placed inside this script will no longer be seen on your website.

For example insiderepparttar 105601 HTML code could be an order button giving your visitorsrepparttar 105602 chance to order at a discount.

As soon asrepparttar 105603 special offer date has been reachedrepparttar 105604 discount order button just disappears!

I think this is much more honest way of working than just adding an advance special offer expiry date that's never reached.

Here's how it all works...

Placerepparttar 105605 HTML code intorepparttar 105606 source code of your web page anywhere betweenrepparttar 105607 and tags. The position you choose is where your special offer will appear:

What? Make a mistake entering data? Who me? NO WAY! Right…

Every form of data input by a user should be validated in some form or fashion. If you get

clean data in, you won’t get garbage out. This tutorial is going to explain how to validate

numerical data entered into a form using JavaScript.

First, let us begin withrepparttar code to insertrepparttar 105595 JavaScript into your HTML document.

Place these lines betweenrepparttar 105596 and tags.

This line tellsrepparttar 105597 web browser to expect some JavaScript code and signalrepparttar 105598 beginning of

the script:

So nowrepparttar 105602 format should look something like this:

My Title

Now on to validatingrepparttar 105603 numerical input.

First we will create a function with one arument:

function validate(mydata){

These lines will test for a blank enty then promptrepparttar 105604 user for input:

if (mydata == ""){ alert("Please enter a number.") }

Next we will create a for loop which will look at each character inrepparttar 105605 data until it

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