Instant Profits with Cross Promotion

Written by Terry Telford

Business is business. Whether you are marketing online or offline,repparttar same principles apply. Yes there are differences, but think aboutrepparttar 125075 marketing tactics used offline that you can apply to your online business.

Here's a quick idea that can instantly generate a profit for you. Cross promotion.

How many times have you seen offers like this:

Get a FREE tent when you buy a new canoe, today!

Get a FREE movie pass when you have dinner with us!

And of course this works online.

Have you subscribed to an online newsletter (eZine) lately? If you didn't get a FREE eBook or FREE report with your subscription, it would be surprising. The Marketing Pack Journal comes with a FREE eBook showing you how to increase your sales by 1200%. Simply click on and see how fast and easy it can be done.

But let's take this concept one step further. Have you thought aboutrepparttar 125076 potential of cross promoting one or more of your products to one or more of your lists?

Many businesses, on and offline, have multiple lists. A list of customers for specific products, a list of prospects, a list of eZine or newsletter subscribers and many others. You can make instant profits from cross promoting to these lists and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

3 Tips To Getting Your Articles Published

Written by Ken Hill

One ofrepparttar most powerful ways to build trust in your business, brand yourself as an expert in your field, and generate a substantial amount of free advertising is to write articles for publication in ezines.

If you've thought about writing your own articles, but weren't sure how you could go about getting yourself published, three tips to get you started inrepparttar 125074 right direction are:

1. Make individual submissions of your articles to ezine publishers.

A good way to start doing this is to submit your articles to ezines you are already subscribed to. You will already know if your article matchesrepparttar 125075 content ofrepparttar 125076 ezine you are submitting to and have an idea if your article is one that publisher would be interested in publishing.

When making a submission of your article directly to an ezine publisher, make sure you submit your article torepparttar 125077 correct address for submitting articles, and thatrepparttar 125078 ezine you are submitting to accepts article submissions.

You should also addressrepparttar 125079 publisher by name in your email, and have your article properly formatted by that publisher's guidelines and checked for spelling.

Tellrepparttar 125080 publisher how many words are in your article, and what you have formattedrepparttar 125081 lines in your article to be.

Remember that ezine publishers receive lots of article submissions. Make it easy for them by providing themrepparttar 125082 basic information about your article right off, and thank them for takingrepparttar 125083 time to read your article.

It is also a good idea not to over submit your articles. Limit your article submissions to once a month for each publisher you submit articles to.

Once you start submitting your articles to ezine publishers, you can find that you are able to develop a list of publishers who publish your articles on a regular basis.

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