Instant Messaging – A Powerful Communication Tool for Your Business

Written by Cavyl Stewart

Many people do it so innocently that it’s hard to believerepparttar dangers that are lurking. Spammers, pfishers, hackers, predators – they’re all poised to wreak havoc on you, your employees and your business contacts. Yet many people don’t even realize that these dangers exist because, after all, they’re just doing their jobs.

When you’re IM’ing,repparttar 107930 last thing you probably think about is who else is out there, watching. But you should be worried and you should be using protection – security protection, that is.

When you use your business computers to send instant messages, your entire company becomes vulnerable. In no time at all, your business could collapse. This is not some sales-driven scare tactic; it’s real and it happens. If you own a business and you or your employees conduct business using Instant Messaging, it is your responsibility to ensure that all business information is kept out of harm’s way.

You need to be able to block incoming and outgoing dangerous IM traffic such as unsafe scripts, streaming audio and video, buffer overflow attacks and executable URLs. You need protection from interactions with potentially dangerous strangers. You’ve got to make sure this type of protection is available regardless ofrepparttar 107931 IM service orrepparttar 107932 screen names being used. You’ve got to know who is doing what and when, so that you can modify your security measures as necessary.

Didn’t realize you had so much to do when all you really wanted to do was communicate, did you? Before deciding to droprepparttar 107933 IM idea altogether, take a look at IMsecure Pro.

IMsecure Pro handles all ofrepparttar 107934 above security issuesrepparttar 107935 moment it is installed. Forrepparttar 107936 most protection, you as well as those with whom you IM need IMsecure Pro installed on their computers.

Think there’s no room in your organization for instant messaging? Think again. There are many benefits in communicating this way with your clients, vendors and others. Instant messaging creates a conversation log which you can always refer back to should there be some disagreement or some other reason to replay a conversation.

International Telephone Calling Tips

Written by Raymond Klesc

International Telephone Calling Tips By Raymond Klesc Global Value Connect

If your business requires overseas communications with suppliers or customers; or if you have a loved one living or traveling abroad; you know thatrepparttar cost for overseas calls can come as a shock to your budget and cause you heartburn if you think whatrepparttar 107929 future may have in store. Calling rates vary from country to country, sorepparttar 107930 impact on your telephone bill could be dramatic, but there are a few things that you can do to help lessenrepparttar 107931 costs inrepparttar 107932 future.

• Calling Overseas Mobile Devices: Be very careful when placing telephone calls to mobile devices overseas. There are many overseas carriers that use a "calling party pays" system when calling mobile devices (cell phone, pager, etc.) originating from withinrepparttar 107933 United States. It is entirely possible thatrepparttar 107934 tariff rate for an overseas wireless phone might be considerably higher compared to a call placed to a land-line inrepparttar 107935 same country. This surcharge is referred to as an “International / Special Services Termination Rate”. It should be listed on your carrier’s International calling plan rate schedule. U.S. carriers do not have a choice in this matter and it does you no good to complain to your local provider regarding what you may perceive as excessive charges that appear on your telephone bill.

• Direct Dialing or Dialaround: Depending uponrepparttar 107936 country you are calling, you may get an overall attractive calling rate by dialing direct; accessingrepparttar 107937 network by dialing 011 + country code + city code plusrepparttar 107938 local number. However, you may want to consider using a dialaround service if your local plan charges a high tariff for a country you intend to call regularly. These services are also referred to as a 10-10 number. You do not need to switch long distance carriers to use a dialaround number and it can be used in many foreign countries as well to call home. These services usually have very competitive International rates and can save you considerable sums. Be advised, however, that you will not be able to use a dialaround service if you must dial 8 or 9 to access your dial tone, such as from an office or hotel.

• Operator Assistance To Place Calls: Never, ever, use an operator to place an International call unless it is an absolute emergency. Obviously for every rule there are exceptions, collect calls, person-to-person and third party billing are examples, but whenever possible dial direct or use a dialaround service. When I first moved to Indonesia several years ago I called my son on his birthday usingrepparttar 107939 local operator and we talked for about an hour. This was before I got into this business. My phone bill was in excess of $100. A dialaround service, which was not available atrepparttar 107940 time, would have cost me about $15.00 or less.

When usingrepparttar 107941 operator to place your call here are some helpful hints.

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