Instant Messages or Instant Messengers?

Written by Dee Scrip

Many vendors offering Instant Messaging (IM) services have added new capabilities such as voice messaging and file sharing. Among others, AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo offer these IM services.

Clients of Instant Messaging services are also easy prey forrepparttar community of hackers. Using a simple monitoring program,repparttar 118435 plain text from Instant Messaging can be easily captured and creates vulnerability to electronic eavesdropping.

In one version of AOLís Instant Messenger, aka AIM, a user was found to have beenrepparttar 118436 target of a hacker attack. The villainous hacker had crafted a URL which, when clicked byrepparttar 118437 user with AIM on their desktop, allowedrepparttar 118438 hacker to execute a virus onrepparttar 118439 victimís system. What is particularly sinister about this is that AIM does not have to be running for this type of virus to deployed.

Bandwidth and hosting implications.

Written by Seamus Dolly.

So, what doesrepparttar average siteowner need to know about bandwidth?

Absolutely nothing!......... If you have enough of it.

Bandwidth refers torepparttar 118434 amount of data transfer per second.

Its standard unit is

kilo bits per second. In a somewhat larger scale, it can be called

Mega bits per second ( inrepparttar 118435 order of one million bits/sec. or ten torepparttar 118436 power of six ) Giga bits per second (inrepparttar 118437 order of one thosand million bits per second, or ten torepparttar 118438 power of nine )

The slowest part or section of a route will limit previous and post transmission speeds to that mamimum. In other words, you can typically have a few thousand miles of fibre optic cable, capable of high speed, and then be limited by a slower section of copper wire. Likewise for a high tech network and a dial up modem. These variables are considered when working outrepparttar 118439 "throughput" value.

Wire less( whether infra-red or radio transmission) cannot compare torepparttar 118440 bandwidth provided by fibre optic. Similarly for copper conductors. This is primarily due to their respective, physical properties.

Theoretically, nothing is faster than light though particle accelerators come near, but that is another matter, lol. Sticking with bandwidth though - most people are currently stuck with copper somewhere alongrepparttar 118441 line.

For a hosting plan, bandwidth has importance torepparttar 118442 ambitious, as well asrepparttar 118443 successful. If a web page is downloaded often (successful), then bandwidth exceeding its number of kilobites multiplied byrepparttar 118444 number of downloads at a given time must be considered. This is without any other pages that may be onrepparttar 118445 site.

If a product or application (whether free, or not) has to be facilitated for download, then bandwidth must increase.

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