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Written by Yanik Silver

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Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

You wake up one morning and your spouse says, "Good morning, Dear. The sun is out. I hope you have a nice day. Call me." Then your spouse leaves forrepparttar day. Your heart is warm and fuzzy because you were wished a nice day, and you smile because you received an invitation to call.

The next day your spouse says, "Good morning, Dear. The sun is out. I hope you have a nice day. Call me." You think it's odd thatrepparttar 101082 same words are repeated, but you shrug it off and go about your business, still feeling a little warm and fuzzy atrepparttar 101083 sentiment.

By day 30 of hearing, "Good morning, Dear . . ." you'd be very annoyed that those arerepparttar 101084 only words your spouse could say. You would want to hear something different. You'd want a conversation with a real person.

By day 45, you'd be tuning your spouse out altogether. You wouldn't hear a word that was being said because you've got it memorized.

How long do you think your relationship would last?

I subscribe to a number of ezines. When they arrive, I scan them for important messages fromrepparttar 101085 editors. Then I print them off because I can't read well onrepparttar 101086 screen. This lets me read them later, as I can, when I am not near my computer.

OK. I'll admit it - I'm about 6 weeks behind in my ezine reading. But I'm still reading each and every one. I was trying to catch up a little on my ezine reading this past weekend when I noticed something interesting.

I'm pretty familiar withrepparttar 101087 ads of my loyal subscribers because I process them all as I put my ezine issues together. When I was reading through my backlog of ezines, I recognized a number of ads because these ads arerepparttar 101088 same ones my subscribers are still using - 6 weeks later!

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