Install It Right & Sleep Good At Night

Written by Jackson Morgan

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Install It Right & Sleep Good At Night

Why Is My New Computer So Slow?


You know it’s funny, buying a new system can be a great experience, but I run into so many people ready to throw their brand new “Piece of trash” out 3-6 months later. Overrepparttar 141671 years I have received a lot of phone calls saying: “How come my PC is sooooo slow, I just bought it”. “When I first got my new system it was fine, but now I can’t get on line” And my all time favorite, “Uhh, I got a message that said something like, you need to install something, or something will happen afterrepparttar 141672 next time you do something”..........

So why does this happen?


Well that’s actually quite easy to answer. Most images supplied from vendors come with an average of seven unwanted/unneeded applications. They run inrepparttar 141673 background trying to make you register this, upgrade that, or perform a job that your OS (Operating System) already does on its own. It’s amazing how easy it is to exhaust your system resources with a few shoddy programs.

Ask any technician andrepparttar 141674 majority (if not all) will tell you; when buying a new system whether for home or office they “wipe it”, “kill it”, spank it” (Technical terms for formattingrepparttar 141675 hard drive:), before they ever use it.

Also, some PC’s may sit for six months to a year atrepparttar 141676 store before they actually seerepparttar 141677 light of day. During this time, new bugs and vulnerabilities may be discovered. Updating your system as soon as it hitsrepparttar 141678 internet is a must.

That’s right Toto, Spyware, Viruses, and Worms oh my…. Their out there and waiting for new machines with old installs.

Other workstations may simply need a boost in RAM (Random Access Memory) Vendors cut prices to sell inventory but they also cut hardware where they can. Adding memory to your system isrepparttar 141679 easiest way to increase your systems potential. However, if you feel your hardware is adequate and you still see a decrease in system performance, you may need a complete re-installation of your OS.

So how do I do it?


Vendors make it sound easy with their re-installation or recovery CD. But, this will leave you inrepparttar 141680 same situation of poor computer performance that lead you to this article inrepparttar 141681 first place. Unfortunately in order to re-install or re-imagerepparttar 141682 correct way, you really need a professional technician. But, in case you haverepparttar 141683 right tools, and your feeling confident; let me give you a brief tutorial on proper installation.

Under these instructions I will assume you have a general knowledge of hardware and software and are able to obtain repparttar 141684 tools needed for a proper installation.

MySQL for beginners – How to create a MySQL Database

Written by Don Beavers

Whether you are an experienced web programmer or a complete novice attempting to provide data interactivity with your web site, MyQSL is an easy to use and free database solution that can allow you to store and configure data to be displayed on your web site.

The best way to create and manage a MySQL database is to download an open source (free) program called PhpMyAdmin. PHPMyAdmin allows you to manage all aspects of both your database structure and data from one easy to use interface. This tool is intended to handlerepparttar administration of MySQL overrepparttar 141627 Web.

This tool provides an interface that allows you to create and drop databases, create, drop, or alter tables, delete, edit, or add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, manage privileges, and import and export data into various formats. That sounds like a complicated set of activities, butrepparttar 141628 easy to use graphical tools make things quite simple and easy to understand. If you make a mistake,repparttar 141629 software even provides instructions on where you made your error.

For a complete demo see: For documentation visit:

Most Linux based web hosting companies provide PhpMyAdmin as a standard feature with their packages. It is also available in a “Windows” IIS version. If your hosting provider does not already have this product installed they will often install it for you, or even allow you to install it yourself. Setup is quick and easy if you followrepparttar 141630 step-by-step installation documentation.

Step One: Creating your new database

When you log in to your PhpMyAdmin welcome page,repparttar 141631 first step is to enter a name for your new database in a text box provided. You can name your database anything that you wish, however if you are creatingrepparttar 141632 database to use with a script or software package that you purchased somewhere,repparttar 141633 script provider will often suggest a “preferred” database name. You should always create your database usingrepparttar 141634 following format:

username_ databasename Example: myusername_mydatabase Your complete database name should always begin with your username followed by an underscore, then followed byrepparttar 141635 database name. This allowsrepparttar 141636 server to know which user is in control ofrepparttar 141637 new database, and it will also provide permission to accessrepparttar 141638 database to only specific users. This also allows different users onrepparttar 141639 same server to userepparttar 141640 same name for their own database, as you did, without interfering with your data – that is helpful if more than one user on your server bought similar software for their own site. They can then also userepparttar 141641 software providers “preferred” database name.

Step Two: Creating a table for your new database

After you have created a database,repparttar 141642 next step is to create a table, or even multiple tables, for you to store data. A table isrepparttar 141643 part of your new database that actually stores data.

You create a table by selectingrepparttar 141644 database that you created fromrepparttar 141645 drop box list of databases. Once a database is selected a new form appears and asks for you to create a new table.

You must decide what you want to name your table and enter that name intorepparttar 141646 name box. Try to choose a name that reflectsrepparttar 141647 type of data that will be stored inrepparttar 141648 table, such as orders, users, or inventory.

You then must decide how many “fields” or columns of data that you want to store for each record. If you need forrepparttar 141649 table to store five (5) different items, such as username, users email address, users telephone number, users account number, andrepparttar 141650 users age, than you would need five (5) fields. Simply enterrepparttar 141651 number 5 inrepparttar 141652 appropriate box. Once you hit create,repparttar 141653 system will create a table and will add those fields intorepparttar 141654 table for you. Don’t worry aboutrepparttar 141655 number of fields you might need right now, as you can always add or delete fields later.

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