Inspired Action: An Amazing New Short-Cut to Make All Your Dreams Come True

Written by Joe Vitale

Ever since my book, "Spiritual Marketing," became a #1 best-seller at Amazon, people have been writing me. Most ofrepparttar time people are just praisingrepparttar 147291 book. Sometimes people have questions aboutrepparttar 147292 five-step process inrepparttar 147293 book for creating wealth fromrepparttar 147294 inside out. By farrepparttar 147295 most common question is about step five,repparttar 147296 one called "Let go."

"But what do I DO if I let go?" isrepparttar 147297 question I getrepparttar 147298 most. "If I let go, don't I just sit there?"

What I didn't fully explain inrepparttar 147299 book is that you usually still have to do something to achieve your dreams. That something might be as little as answeringrepparttar 147300 phone. Or making a call. Or buying a book. Or joining an association. Or answering an email. I have no idea what that action will be for you regarding achieving your dream. But you usually have to do something, however small or large a step.

Butrepparttar 147301 magic answer torepparttar 147302 question of what action to do next is this:

You want to take what I call "Inspired Action."

Inspired Action is any action you take based on an inside nudge.

In other words, an Inspired Action is when you suddenly get a desire to drive torepparttar 147303 store. You may have no idea why you need to go torepparttar 147304 store right now. But something within you is urging you outrepparttar 147305 door. Follow that hunch. It may lead you to your goal. Atrepparttar 147306 store, you may meetrepparttar 147307 right person. Or findrepparttar 147308 right product. Or pick uprepparttar 147309 right magazine that will lead you to completing your dream.

For example, in "Spiritual Marketing" I talk about how I managed to get into Nightingale-Conant with my own tapeset, called "The Power of Outrageous Marketing." I had tried to get Nightingale-Conant to pay attention to me for over ten years. (Ten years!) Nothing I did would ever work out. Yet I was doing allrepparttar 147310 "right things" people said I should do---make calls, send letters, follow a plan of action, etc.

Nope. None of that ever worked.

So I stopped all that planned action. I didn't stop wanting my goal of being inrepparttar 147311 famous Nightingale-Conant catalog, of course, but I did stop struggling to make it happen. I, in short, let go. I waited for divine inspiration to tell me what to do next.

And then one day I started to get emails from someone asking questions about my book on P.T. Barnum, called "There's A Customer Born Every Minute." My gut said to answerrepparttar 147312 questions. So my Inspired Action was simply to write back to this stranger. That's what I felt guided to do.

The secret of Napoleon Hill, P.T. Barnum, and Me

Written by Joe Vitale

I'm riveted byrepparttar biography of Napoleon Hill,repparttar 147290 author ofrepparttar 147291 classic book "Think and Grow Rich."

Not only did this man struggle for 20 years to writerepparttar 147292 definitive guide to success, but he experienced poverty, his life was threatened, his backers were murdered, he suffered from bouts of hopelessness, and his family suffered beyond all understanding.

His was not an overnight success.

One thing that stood out in Hill's life story was his ability to turnrepparttar 147293 negative intorepparttar 147294 positive. He always looked for what some people call that silver lining inrepparttar 147295 dark cloud. As I thought about Hill's life, I realized I've been noticing this ability to seerepparttar 147296 good inrepparttar 147297 bad practiced by others, too.

I was at a meeting with my friend Mark Joyner, Internet pioneer and bestselling author. I overheard Mark talking to a man who had just gone through hell due torepparttar 147298 FTC. Mark listened torepparttar 147299 man's sad story and then said, "Turn it into something good."

This was remarkable advice. It'srepparttar 147300 kind of thing Napoleon Hill would have said. It goes against what most people ever even attempt to try. The whole idea of taking whatever happens to you and turning it into something good seems, at first glance, preposterous.

But this also seems to be a key to success. I remember P.T. Barnum offering a to buy a rival's elephant. He sent a telegram stating his offer. His competitors took Barnum's telegram and ran it as an ad, saying, "Here's what Barnum thinks of our elephant."

Instead of being upset, Barnum decided to join with those competitors. That gave birth torepparttar 147301 famous Barnum & Bailey Circus. Barnum tookrepparttar 147302 experience and turned it into something good.

The other day Nerissa, my love, released her first e-book at She had a small mistake on her site. When I went to promote her site, I usedrepparttar 147303 mistake as a way to get attention for her e-book. I could have said, "Correct your site."

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