Inspiration -- The Writer’s 'Aha' Moment

Written by C.S. Paquin

It's my dad's fault I've spent more money on notebooks than I've earned from words written in them. Fromrepparttar age I could hold a crayon -- and comprehend I shouldn't scribble on walls -- stationery was in plentiful supply. During my formative years, a paper-mill firm employed my father.

He brought home reams of product -- quality control rejects. I eyed them with enthusiasm, itching to scrawl my hieroglyphics. As my mastery ofrepparttar 129885 three R's improved, I wasrepparttar 129886 only 7-year-old onrepparttar 129887 block with leather-bound notebooks (albeit defective). I admired my paper hoard, believing it meant only one thing: I was destined to be a writer. But when a new notepad appeared, I would start a new story regardless of whether I had finishedrepparttar 129888 last -- I liked my tablets dog-ear free.

A quarter-century later,repparttar 129889 paper-mill converted to a boutique mall and my dad fond of saying, "You live beyond your means," I still dreamed of being a famous writer. My vocabulary had grown age-appropriately (and my cursive). My self-discipline and output, however, remained that of a child. Perhaps less -- I was a prolific 7-year-old, after all.

Still,repparttar 129890 dream stuck. A calfskin-bound journal with linen-finished pages shrieked, "Buy me," begging to be filled with my prose. I would reverently begin a piece, withrepparttar 129891 help of a carefully selected pen. But when coffee-cup rings stainedrepparttar 129892 book and it lost its leather smell; my writing was as stale and uninteresting.


Written by Craig Lock

Writing is like sex in that it can be very nice when you are thinking about it, terrific when you are doing it, very satisfying afterwards...and you write because you have to.

They say that if enough chimpanzees were put in front of enough word processors for enough time, eventually one of them would write Hamlet.

Me write a novel - Impossible!

Don't worry, I hadrepparttar same thoughts six years ago!

People just don't think of writing seriously. If I had been going off to teach all day, it would have been different. They wouldn't interrupt your work if you were employed at a grocery store. That's considered serious business. It's because you work at home. People think they can interrupt writing." --Jessamyn West

"I write because something inside myself, inner and unconscious forces me to." That isrepparttar 129884 first compulsion. The second is one of ethical and moral duty. I feel responsible to tell stories that inspire readers to consider more deeply who they are."


Firstly ask yourself: Why do you want to write a novel? Do you have a story to tell, a message to convey, or do you perhaps hope to inspire/challenge, entertain, be famous, reach out to others, reach into your own mind. Do you perhaps want a new identity, to reach your potential as a writer? I think that a person's motives often change as your writing proceeds.

It takes a great deal of effort to write, so PLAN ahead. Organize a few hours a day, when you won't be disturbed. WHOOA - hardly likely! The average length of a novel is 60000-100000 words. I've never counted mine. I keep my books short for two main reasons: number one, and most importantly, to tell a story as simply as possible with a message..and

2. for purely financial considerations. I've lived without a cent of income from my books for two years now. So I hurry to get them out to speed things up, so I can earn some royalties...and save my family from starvation. Orrepparttar 129885 embarrassment ofrepparttar 129886 soup kitchen, perhaps! *

So be prepared to makerepparttar 129887 sacrifices. BIG ones! Are you prepared to work away on your novel every day (and evening, instead of going out and having fun?). I've had a lot of fun writing, even though I may have become a "hermit and social misfit" inrepparttar 129888 process! Oh well, we'll see if writing success changes that!

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