Inspecting Your New Home - 17 Areas You Must Inspect Before Taking Possession

Written by Brendon Turner

Congratulations! You've made your decision; you've chosen your new home and your builder. So what needs to happen next? Once you have a firm contract and you have selectedrepparttar features that will go into your new home, it is time forrepparttar 146190 builder to turn your dream into reality.

You will undoubtedly want to visitrepparttar 146191 building site from time to time during construction to checkrepparttar 146192 progress of your home. Professional builders welcome your participation and enthusiasm; however, for safety reasons you should not enterrepparttar 146193 actual construction site unless by special appointment-an unauthorized site visit may also contravenerepparttar 146194 local labour code with respect to construction safety andrepparttar 146195 builder's liability.

Questions or concerns arising from a site visit or a drive-by should be addressed directly torepparttar 146196 builder. The tradespeople onrepparttar 146197 site each have their own area of expertise and will not be able to discuss your home's progress with you. Nor are they able to make changes withoutrepparttar 146198 approval ofrepparttar 146199 builder.

Before you take possession of your new home,repparttar 146200 builder will invite you to "walk through"repparttar 146201 house to conduct a pre-occupancy inspection. Three to five days before closing is best-when construction is substantially complete but there is still time forrepparttar 146202 builder to remedy any minor imperfections. Anything that is not to your satisfaction should be noted for a pre-delivery inspection report. Minor items such as scratches and incomplete paint work will be rectified before your move-in day. Other items will be corrected after you are settled.

The following checklist will help you to inspect your new home.


  • Grading-should be sloping gently away fromrepparttar 146203 house.
  • Sod-was it rolled when laid?
  • Wood, vinyl or aluminum siding-should be even and nailed securely torepparttar 146204 walls.
  • Brick-should be evenly laid and clean, with weep holes intact.
  • Caulking-check around windows, doors, garage door, electrical outlets and fixtures.
  • Paint and stains-inspect for even coverage and proper colour.
  • Trim, shutters, fascia and soffit-must be proper colour, of good quality and securely fastened.
  • Shingles-are they clean, of proper colour and with no lifting corners?
  • Garage-should feature non-combustible materials onrepparttar 146205 wall adjoiningrepparttar 146206 house (for instance, gypsum board with sealed joints);repparttar 146207 garage door should open and close properly.

Deck Decoration

Written by Elizabeth Holly

On my blog, I once wrote about life onrepparttar Veranda - a favorite Southern, summer pastime.

Picture a Charleston side-porch house, facingrepparttar 146111 obligatory magnolia tree, refreshing gin and tonics orrepparttar 146112 standard mint julep.

But Veranda living is more than just a sense of "place". What really makes it memorable isrepparttar 146113 company of friends and neighbors, sparkling conversation, or a languid repose with a loved one.

A deck may not technically be a Veranda, but it can, nevertheless, berepparttar 146114 perfect gathering spot where memories are made.

The key, however, to great deck entertaining is to have a great deck. Many people donít believe in decorating their decks but having good seating and some type of a theme can help make your deckrepparttar 146115 most beloved part of your home.

A favorite theme for a deck is "Outdoor Barbeque." Though not really an official title, a version of "Outdoor Barbeque" encompasses a nice deck, with a classy set of chairs and a table and a grilling area where your husband and his friends can show their talent onrepparttar 146116 grill. Sharing hamburgers and margaritas with your friends while you wait forrepparttar 146117 homemade ice cream to finish running - now that is my idea of putting a deck to good use.

Onrepparttar 146118 other hand, a fun theme is great if you have kids. For example,repparttar 146119 Beach theme is ever popular for decks. Beach and lounge chairs coverrepparttar 146120 deck with a table and chairs inrepparttar 146121 center covered in bright blue and white striped fabric. You can even use ropes, sails, nets, and lifeguard floats to hang fromrepparttar 146122 sides of your fun deck and post flags from different Caribbean or Mediterranean countries onrepparttar 146123 corners ofrepparttar 146124 deck.

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