Insight: Failure and Success in Online Business

Written by Jack Humphrey

Creativity and Determination arerepparttar KEY ingredients in all online success stories. So many times, as a moderator and participant inrepparttar 117045 net's most active and lauded online marketing forum, The Internet Marketing Warriors, I have heardrepparttar 117046 same questions repeated by hopeful marketer after hopeful marketer. And mostly they begin with "How do I...?"

Similar questions, in a dead-heat in frequency, vary around a theme such as "What tool should I use to...?"

Know-how and tools. Go to any forum onrepparttar 117047 net, on almost any subject, and you will find hundreds or even thousands of people exchanging information on know-how and tools. "What isrepparttar 117048 best way to write copy?" "Which autoresponder script is best for my business?" "What hosting isrepparttar 117049 best for me?"

Very infrequently will you come upon a marketing discussion that talks about creativity and determination. Even more rare is a successful product that shows people HOW to be creative and determined. This is because tools and know-how are so much easier to write about.

If this, then that. Such a small phrase, yet it isrepparttar 117050 bulk of what internet marketing training is all about if you have read even a small pile of ebooks geared toward making you a better sales producer.

Andrepparttar 117051 formula sells - bigtime.

But then, why are there so many people failing at marketing their business online? What is IT that separatesrepparttar 117052 masses fromrepparttar 117053 relatively few truly successful onilne small businesses?

It is this: You cannot teach people creativity very easily. Some would say it's impossible. Art classes are simply tools to weed out people that don't have IT so they can get busy pursuing another line of work!

And it is this: Determination (including work ethic, stick-to-it-ivenss, seeing something through torepparttar 117054 end) is even harder to simply instill in a person withrepparttar 117055 written word or teleseminar. You cannot reach through your ebook to slap someone everyday to recapture their focus for them and keep them on-task.

The problem is compounded when you have one ofrepparttar 117056 above and notrepparttar 117057 other. Creative people very often have no business sense orrepparttar 117058 drive necessary to acquire it. Determined people fail gloriously in a gallon of sweat at five inrepparttar 117059 morning without creativity. Nothing is probably more disheartening than having one orrepparttar 117060 other. It must be like being able to see overrepparttar 117061 fence, but not have what it takes to climb torepparttar 117062 other side.

Tools are tools. We must use them in any profession torepparttar 117063 best of our ability. Henry Ford used tools to create Model Ts. But did you ever read a story proclaiming that Ford wonrepparttar 117064 day with his tools? Of course not. The stories are about determinaion and creativity and that's it.

You can go out right now and getrepparttar 117065 best software,repparttar 117066 most expensive copywriter,repparttar 117067 best programmer, and evenrepparttar 117068 best product since sliced bread. And you can fail. It's been done more times than success by a long margin throughout history.

This article is not about how to succeed at internet marketing. It is not about tools that will help get you overrepparttar 117069 fence whererepparttar 117070 grass is greener.

This article is an observation. An observation that is seeded with clues that only creative and determined people will pick up on. And, despite allrepparttar 117071 success manuals and training you may have spent hard earned money on, this article containsrepparttar 117072 answer to why many people fail and some succeed at not only internet marketing, but in anything in life.

Tips on winning a Virtual Assistant position AND keeping it

Written by Lori Redfield

Although still considered an uncommon profession,repparttar Virtual Assistant role is fast becomingrepparttar 117044 best recognized choice for companies, particularly web-based companies, to pursue nowadays.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is much like a traditional Administrative Assistant in many ways. VA’s handle correspondence, scheduling, customer support, website updates, writing and design projects, data entry – pretty much anything you can think of that an online company would require for their day-to-day operations.

Many parents who want to stay home with their children have opened their own VA Service. It is a perfect career choice for Mothers of young children, or people who must take care of older relatives. You work out of your home office as an independent contractor. Often timesrepparttar 117045 schedule can be quite flexible.

This is an ideal position for women who plan to return torepparttar 117046 workforce when their children are older. It will enhance your resume’ and inevitably you improve your old skills and acquire new ones.

Basic skills and equipment you will likely need includerepparttar 117047 following: Microsoft Office – Excel, Access, Outlook, and Word HTML skills with either Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage Instant Messaging software – ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger Cable Modem or DSL – Dial up is far to slow forrepparttar 117048 pace most online entrepreneurs are accustomed to working at.

The above aren’t always necessary – but acquiring each and learning to use them will only increase your desirability and worth.

There are many places to start looking for a Virtual Assistant position: One ofrepparttar 117049 easiest places to land your first clients is through an ad placed in your own local classifieds. It seems unlikely – but trust me, there is far less competition for local clients then for jobs being bid on through Internet Job sites. Freelance Job Sites such as elance,, findafreelancer etc. There is an extensive list of these types of resources here: Via Freelance, Home Business, or WAHM forums. Virtual Assistants with an established client base often times search for reliable ‘Over-flow Partners’. Forums are an excellent place to network and seek out these types of opportunities. Building your own website. Unless you do some very good website promotion, it isn’t likely you will actually gain clients through a website that you build to promote your service. HOWEVER, you really should have a website. Just as business cards are an expected and valuable piece of your traditional business, websites are like an online business card/resume. You should list your rates, your skills, your availability and your portfolio. A well thought out website will give yourepparttar 117050 edge when bidding on a position.

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