Infrared Photography with Sony's Night-shot mode

Written by Rick Blythe

This is really cool. Today I learned I could use my Sony f717 camera to take those neat Infrared photos with a floppy disk as an IR filter.

I knewrepparttar camera could take such photos, as I've seen plenty of examples onrepparttar 140548 Sony forums over at DPReview. What I didn't know is that I could experiment with this mode without having to shell out for an R72 filter first.

All you need is one of those old five and a quarter inch floppy disks from that box of diskettes you've been clinging

Making a Child's Handprint on Ceramic Tile

Written by Dy Witt

This is a fun craft to do with a group of moms and their kids, one child per adult worksrepparttar best. Each mom will need: ---One soft brush, any size but 1/2" worksrepparttar 140521 best ---One jar of "One-Stroke Ceramic underglaze", either Duncan E-Z Stroke or Gare One-Stroke. (Of course they can share these, but it's best if they have at least 3 colors to choose from. The best are a dark green, a dark blue or a dark brown. One jar of each color will do 50 hands altogether) ---One pint jar of "clear gloss glaze", which all can use. ---A sponge ---Paper towels and a washcloth ---One blank UNglazed ceramic tile, 4-1/4" (for kids 2 or 3 yrs. old or so) or 6" (for kids over 3) Unless you know someone who does hand-painted tile as a career, these would have to be ordered in cases of 100 or so. The best thing is to callrepparttar 140522 hobby ceramic stores, where you will getrepparttar 140523 underglaze and clear glaze, and ask if they have a "molded greenware or bisque tile they sell", and orderrepparttar 140524 quantity you need. Tell them you would like them "fired to bisque."

The most important thing is thatrepparttar 140525 childrens' hands are scrubbed with soap and water, then dried well. Salt, sugar or oils onrepparttar 140526 hands will preventrepparttar 140527 glaze from bonding withrepparttar 140528 tile. Make sure to wiperepparttar 140529 tile well with a clean sponge in plain water. Allow to dry a few minutes.

Tellrepparttar 140530 kids that it is like hand-painting only without wiggling their fingers. Make it fun, some get scared. Hold their clean hand gently over a tile to make sure their hand will fit, fingers spread out a little. Pickrepparttar 140531 right size tile and paint one wet coat of glaze acrossrepparttar 140532 flat of their open palm, not too runny but not too dry, follwingrepparttar 140533 instructions for mixing onrepparttar 140534 bottle. Try to keep their fingers from touching,repparttar 140535 more still they keep their hand,repparttar 140536 betterrepparttar 140537 clarity. A good print will show fingerprints! But if it smears, it usually does, it's all for fun anyway. If it starts to become a battle withrepparttar 140538 child, let him go, when he seesrepparttar 140539 other kids having a good time he will offer his hand to be painted. (I say "he" because it is usuallyrepparttar 140540 boys that wimp out,repparttar 140541 girls are more adventurous. lol)

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