Informative Speech Topic Ideas

Written by Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc

Need an Informative Speech Topic?

I've never had trouble choosing an informative speech topic- I started speaking after I was already learning alternative health, and there's plenty that people don't know about that.

What makes a good or bad informative speech topic?

I was already part ofrepparttar way there- my speech topic was interesting. So when you choose your informative speech topic, don't pick something your audience is going to groan about as soon as they hear it! Gun control has been done. Drunk driving is old. Abortion is too polarized. Legalizing marijuana... all of these are a death sentence, and so is capital punishment. You can't talk about them without bias, and even if you could your audience won't put aside theirs. Save them for a challenging persuasive speech topic.

What kind of informative speech does your audience want to hear?

Choose an informative speech topic either your audience knows nothing about, or that hasn't given much thought to - forrepparttar 107992 second one, I mean things that are commonplace, but when you think about it, you realize you don't know how it works or what it is - e.g., what is escrow? Why does inflation happen? What happens to your trash afterrepparttar 107993 garbage truck takes it? Who determines TV and radio ratings? And so on. Look around your life and see if something like this sticks out.

Your informative speech topic should be entertaining, or useful. What happens to your trash is trivial unless you make it funny, or there's an ethical implication. But don't get into persuading - just inform!

How to Write a Speech in 13 Steps

Written by Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc

You can see my credentials in my bio. You should also know that I love to write speeches. In fact, I've been accused of being a better speech writer than speech giver! I'm working on that. ;-)

I'll tell you how to write a speechrepparttar way I do it, and I'll tell you how to make it great. Plus I'll give you some tips on what to put in, and what to leave out. I love this topic. How Good Do You Want Your Speech to Be?

Fromrepparttar 107991 outset, you should know that how to write a speech depends on how good you want it to be, and how much time you want to put into it. I'll putrepparttar 107992 most important things first so that you can just go as far as you want, and stop when you run out of time. Remember to leave time to practicerepparttar 107993 speech three or four times. If you can recordrepparttar 107994 second or third and listen to it, so muchrepparttar 107995 better.

How to Write a Speech People Will Remember

Inrepparttar 107996 old days, and I mean back inrepparttar 107997 time ofrepparttar 107998 Greeks, much more emphasis was put onrepparttar 107999 writing ofrepparttar 108000 speech,repparttar 108001 content. Now people tend to emphasize presentation, style, vocal qualities, and technology. But writing a good speech is irreplaceable - I'm going to tell you how to get put content in, make it clear, and make an impact on your to write a speech people will remember.

Here'srepparttar 108002 process:

(Why 13 steps? It just turned out that way. But if you think public speaking is scary, it fits, doesn't it?)

1. Know your audience: if you forget this, everything falls apart. You can't tell dirty jokes to a Christian women's group. You've seenrepparttar 108003 commercial whererepparttar 108004 best man givesrepparttar 108005 wedding toast and goes on and on about how much of a playerrepparttar 108006 groom was? Remember who's there and what they want to hear. What do they like and dislike? What kind of humor do they like? If they're a mixed audience, you have to be more mainstream in your language and manner. This isrepparttar 108007 most important part of how to write a speech.

2. Know your purpose:repparttar 108008 only time you're allowed to break rule #1 is if your purpose is to shock or to inform people about something uncomfortable. Inrepparttar 108009 latter case, you'd need to make up forrepparttar 108010 shock value by acknowledging it, comforting them, etc. Besides all that, your purpose determines everything else. Visualize a straight line from you through your audience torepparttar 108011 purpose. If you want to persuade them, you have to take them from where they are torepparttar 108012 place of persuasion. If you want to inform, you have to take their brains from where they are, to where they'll know your information. Knowing them, and taking them there is what it's all about.

3. Know what you want them to think aboutrepparttar 108013 speech later: This is another part of your purpose, essential to how to write a speech. If you want them to say, "you really showed compassion in that speech!" then you have to do whatever you can to demonstrate compassion. If more than anything you want them to remember a certain fact, then do everything you can inrepparttar 108014 speech to implant it in their brain - shock them, plead with them, amuse them, but make sure they focus on that fact.

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