Information and facts about granite

Written by Joey Lewitin

Granite – Might of Stone

FORMATION Granite is generally produced by magma solidifying under extreme pressure. When magma rises, due to being lighter then surrounding rocks, it begins to cool. This cooling happens slowly, and crystals are formed beneathrepparttar surface ofrepparttar 100422 earth. This produces a tightly interlocked structure, which is why granite is such a strong stone. It is comprised mostly of quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar. Granite makes up a lot ofrepparttar 100423 earths crust, and is generally revealed torepparttar 100424 surface when continental shifts cause breaks inrepparttar 100425 landscape that allow it to be seen.

CONTROVERSIES ON FORMATION Some evidence supportsrepparttar 100426 theory that there is a second way to produce Granite. Lack of evidence for contact betweenrepparttar 100427 granite and surrounding stone, as well as evidence of sediments may demonstrate that granite can also form through metamorphic processes, by combining several minerals under pressure.

Decorating using drink coasters

Written by Joey Lewitin

When you design your homes décor, say something about your style, elegance, and class, by using decorative coasters. Coasters can be more then furniture barriers, they can speak about your attention to detail andrepparttar care you put into your home.

Having coasters shows that you take pride in your furnishings, and that you care aboutrepparttar 100421 details. The marks left behind by a glass are almost unnoticeable, but ifrepparttar 100422 piece they appear on is worth further scrutiny, they will be apparent. That coaster is a way of showing that your table is worth that extra attention paid to it.

Coasters come in such a wide variety that it should be easy to find one to fit your décor. They can be made of almost any material, in almost any shape. Classic coasters are made with quality, from high end materials such as wood or stone. Less expensive coasters can be made from paper or plastic, althoughrepparttar 100423 wrong coaster can actually have a negative effect on your décor.

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