Information Overload

Written by Chrisi Darrington

One ofrepparttar most common things that will happen to a newbie, or even people who don't consider themselves new torepparttar 119100 Net, is information overload. It's a very common problem that needs to be kept in check.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid getting lost inrepparttar 119101 sea of info inside cyberspace.

First thing to consider: What do you need to know? And what should you put aside to learn for later?

If you don't have a website to promote, you don't need to learn about promoting it at this point in time, right? This applies to anything you are going to read.

Before you read it, ask yourself if you're ready to absorb and userepparttar 119102 information. If you're not ready to use it, tuck it away for later. I do this everyday.

I subscribe to many different e-zines. What I look for are things to help my subscribers, as well as ways to promote my website, or make it better. I don't have time to read each article now, and I'm not ready to worry about promoting my site today, so I copyrepparttar 119103 articles of interest and place them inside a folder on my hard drive according to subject and interest.

They are there for me when I need them. I have downloaded many ebooks that I have not read yet as well. I'm not ready forrepparttar 119104 information today or this week, so I'll read them when I'm ready to use them later on.

This is how I prevent information overload. It's also how I satisfy my need to have things that I know I'll need and use later, but don't want to loserepparttar 119105 opportunity to own them now.

Next: Look for things you need today. Do you want to have a newsletter for your website? Is your website built? If your website is built and you're ready to begin a newsletter, then and only then are you ready to learn how to set up a newsletter, and begin to learn how to become a publisher.

If this isrepparttar 119106 case, then *now* isrepparttar 119107 time to focus on this subject. The key here would be to focus on this subject until you understand everything you need to know about it.

The One Big Secret to Making Money on The Internet

Written by Edward Thorpe

So there I was. Minding my own business. Reading my email. Dreaming of my internet millions that email after email promised me. All of this money without any work by me. And in just a few short weeks time.

Did I say promised me?

Did I say millions?

Did I say no work?

Did I say millions in just a few weeks time?

Yeah, I'm afraid I did.

Do you think I got excited about how my life was going to change? Get real. I mean come on. The more I readrepparttar more I was jumping up and down. Dude, I'm excited!

Here I was about to be rolling inrepparttar 119099 moola--big-time. And all I had to do was buy this special, secret, never before revealed information.

Wow! Everything I ever dreamed of was just sitting there waiting for me. I couldn't wait to get my hot little hands on that - better than owning a McDonalds franchise - secret info.

Oh Yeah. I'm excited. But here'srepparttar 119100 rest ofrepparttar 119101 story...

All this kind of stuff is crap. Pure Crapola. Because Sugar, There ain't no secrets.

You'll never receive money by doing nothing. And nobody can make you a promise of riches. No one has any idea what you're capable of doing. (That probably includes yourself)

Please don't waste your money or your time on info that promises you wealth for doing nothing.

And don't waste your money or your time on chasing secrets. There just ain't none.

But you can make money onrepparttar 119102 internet. Lots of money. But there's no damn secrets involved!

I'm sick and tired of internet novices getting reamed byrepparttar 119103 no-conscience jokers that promote this junk. It's one of my peeves. Like call waiting. Man, I dislike call waiting.

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