Infinity - Feynman

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

RICHARD FEYNMAN: - I hadrepparttar great pleasure of watching a movie called Infinity by Matthew Broderick and his wife. What a joy! To see a person whose father taught him to observe rather than codify or label in order to get marks or social acceptance. Education that focuses onrepparttar 140654 soul and ethics is what humanity will need to handlerepparttar 140655 outcome ofrepparttar 140656 Pandora’s Box unleashed by his fellow atom-mysticists. What a treat to seerepparttar 140657 ethics and honesty that made it difficult for him to lie to his lady even when all around them were pressuring him to do so when they thought she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. What mastery of mind and reality to simply portray this exceptional couple as she thought first of how difficult it must have been for him to lie rather than what this terminal illness might do to her. But as usualrepparttar 140658 doctors were wrong and she had TB although it could have been discovered earlier and she might have lived if these doctors had not been trying to avoid saying what they thought.

“0” – Cirque du Soleil Fluid Theater at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Written by Janice Wilson

“0” – Cirque du Soleil Fluid Theater atrepparttar Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

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“O”, Cirque Du Soleil atrepparttar 140611 Bellagio Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada is a fluid theatrical gift fromrepparttar 140612 goddesses.

This stirring experience resuscitated my spirit and quenched my imagination’s thirst for divine beauty. It is an aquatic tapestry of surreal romantic theatre inspired byrepparttar 140613 elegance of water’s pure form. The images, performers, sounds, sets, costumes, lighting, and makeup submerged my senses into an innovative and breathtaking master piece that shown with illusory splendors.

Atrepparttar 140614 heart ofrepparttar 140615 production is a large 1.5 million-gallon pool of water center stage that emerges and disappears supplyingrepparttar 140616 85 cast of characters with a set that is liquid beauty. The fluid choreography of 17 world-class synchronized swimmers providedrepparttar 140617 necessary link betweenrepparttar 140618 elements of fire, earth, air, and water, and pushed for merepparttar 140619 creative envelope of what beauty could be!

As I watchedrepparttar 140620 performance unfold before me I gasped in astonishment! I realized that “O” was a true visual for what I imagined divine beauty to be. There wasrepparttar 140621 Duo-Trapeze, performed by two aerialists who danced inrepparttar 140622 air with a single trapeze. Their breath-taking maneuvers and feet-to-feet catches emulatedrepparttar 140623 beauty of harmony and complete trust.

The aerialist inrepparttar 140624 Solo Trapeze was a gymnastically challenging routine that mesmerized me. The spectacular dismount atrepparttar 140625 end as she flew threwrepparttar 140626 air and dove flawlessly intorepparttar 140627 water validated that beauty can be found whenrepparttar 140628 elements of air and water are linked together as one.

Thenrepparttar 140629 beauty found in strength and fearlessness emerged when a team of talented acrobats performed atop a floating raft inrepparttar 140630 Barge act. There were eight world champion women who had a background in sport acrobatics. They combined innovative gymnastic performances withrepparttar 140631 traditional circus act of banquine andrepparttar 140632 balletic prowess of adagio. The Olympic divers andrepparttar 140633 synchronized swimmers blended their skills with this act that validated beauty is discovered by balancing fearlessness with strength.

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