Inexpensive ways to say Thank You!

Written by Lisa Simmons

As managers we all know from "Supervision 101" that it's important to reinforce our staff -- to let them know when their doing a good job. But unfortunately, all too often inrepparttar rush & race of getting everything done we quickly fall intorepparttar 124039 philosophy of "no new is good news". If I'm not telling them what they did wrong, then they know that they're doing OK. I would like to encourage everyone who reads this message to make an early resolution & spendrepparttar 124040 month of December saying "Thank You". It doesn't need to be time consuming & it doesn't need to be expensive -- let us show you how & THANKS for making an effort! 1. If you really want to do it right -- then do it write! - Take a few minutes each day & jot a personal note to 1 or 2 staff members about why you value their work & what contributions you feel they have made torepparttar 124041 team effort. Beforerepparttar 124042 months over, you should have a personal note for each staff person that they will treasure far more than an expensive but impersonal gift.

2. Let everyone join in - Create a "warm fuzzy" box for each staff member & position them whererepparttar 124043 entire team can get to them. Then encourage each staff member to write on a slip of paper just a1 or 2 sentences about what they admire in each of their co-workers. Atrepparttar 124044 Christmas party make sure that everyone gets their own warm fuzzy box to keep as a memento of all they bring intorepparttar 124045 lives of those around them.

3. Take a sweet approach - Buy a couple large bags of candy (lifesavers & chocolate kisses or something that symbolizesrepparttar 124046 holiday spirit for you). As you walk around & observe your team members in action, catch them doing what they do best. Whatrepparttar 124047 always reliable staff person shows up on time, thank them for being so dependable & give them a piece of candy. It's may sound simple, but you'll be amazed atrepparttar 124048 smiles you reap in response!

4. Create a Christmas Angel - Purchase an inexpensive holiday pin or button. Something that will make your team members smile. Takerepparttar 124049 first step & "AWARD" it to someone you catch in a random act of kindness. Tell them to wearrepparttar 124050 pin in good health & then pass it on when they catch another "Christmas angel" at work. Not only will this encourage everyone to actively engage inrepparttar 124051 "holiday spirit" it will create a sense of "team" & closeness within your staff.

5. Create a Wall of Fame" - This one takes a little more planning, but you may be able to "cheat" by going through photos taken earlier inrepparttar 124052 year if your team does that on a semi-regular basis. In recognition ofrepparttar 124053 outstanding job your team does all year round, create a photo collage onrepparttar 124054 main bulletin board where lots of people can see it & comment on it. Make surerepparttar 124055 photos catch your people in action -- doing what they do best!

Are You a Bridge Builder?

Written by John Boe

There are two kinds of people in this world, those that build bridges and those that donít. Bridge builders are mentors; they share their experience and build bridges of encouragement and hope for others to cross. They are people of tremendous character and strength that give unselfishly of their time and talents. Bridge builders knowrepparttar importance of taking time to help others without concern for credit or personal gain. They donít build for recognition or tribute; they build because it is their nature to build bridges. Bridge builders are considerate people and do their very best to support others. They understandrepparttar 124038 power of a kind word, a timely phone call or a note of praise. If you are a bridge builder congratulations,repparttar 124039 world needs you and is a better place because ofrepparttar 124040 difference you make inrepparttar 124041 lives of others. How many bridges have you built lately?

The Bridge Builder

An old man going a lone highway, came atrepparttar 124042 evening cold and gray, to a chasm vast and deep and wide. The old man crossed inrepparttar 124043 twilight dim, The sullen stream had no fear for him; but he turned when safe onrepparttar 124044 other side and built a bridge to spanrepparttar 124045 tide.

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