Inexpensive and Effective Advertising for Your Web Site

Written by Kevin Nunley

With so many businesses onrepparttar web and so many different ways of promoting your site it is easy to spend far too much on advertising and get far too little in return. Here are some tried and true ways of promoting your business that are simple and relatively cheap:

1. Using Banners to Promote Your Site

Banner exchanges are aboutrepparttar 101170 oldest form of advertising onrepparttar 101171 Internet, and while they won't flood your site with customers, they can be an effective low-cost promotional tool.

How it works: Your banner runs on other sites in a banner co-op while their banner runs on your site, simple as that.

Two ofrepparttar 101172 longest running free banner exchanges are Link Exchange at, and Banner Swap at These are both pretty reputable and have some good features. Of course there are many more banner opportunites out there, and some of them are great, just use good sense, and avoid sites with claims that sound too good to be true.

Be smart with your banners. There are a few basic rules to banner use.

*Don't place banners atrepparttar 101173 top of your page. They take time to load and detract from your page content. Place banners atrepparttar 101174 bottom of your page.

*Banners that tell people to "click" to get something good far outperform other banners.

*Animated banners work well only if their file size isn't too big.

*Yellow gets attention best but is hard onrepparttar 101175 eye. Blue isrepparttar 101176 most soothing color.

2. Classified Ads

There are a ton of web sites and e-zines that print classified ads. Most are pretty cheap, and some are even free. The trick to an effective classified ad is to say what you need with just a few choice words.

Hard-sell Commercials vs. Identity Commercials

Written by Kahlia Hannah

There is a man who owns a locally based chain of used computer stores inrepparttar city where I live. It is my personal opinion that he should be presented with an award for producingrepparttar 101169 most annoying television commercials in history. That award probably wouldn’t mean much to him, as he is now a rich man who couldn’t care less if his commercials are ridiculous. After all, those commercials made himrepparttar 101170 rich man he is today.

This man I speak of was a pioneer inrepparttar 101171 world of hard-sell commercials. His commercials were tacky, irritating, obvious and brass. They were also fact-based, convincing, high-energy and memorable.

Your hard-sell commercial does not need to encompassrepparttar 101172 entire range of adjectives I used to describe those particular hard-sell commercials.

The hard-sell commercial has a few common identifying traits that have nothing to do with being annoying. * They often include prices. * They show as much merchandise as possible. * They often tell of a promotional offer or sale. * The company or product name is usually onrepparttar 101173 screen throughrepparttar 101174 entire commercial.

These four traits are common for one reason; they increase sales. This is why:

* The advertiser should includerepparttar 101175 price if it is exceptionally low. Low priced items get customers offrepparttar 101176 couch and intorepparttar 101177 store. * Show potential customers some merchandise and they will often see something they want. You will also give people a sense of how much selection you offer. * Using promotional advertising creates a sense of urgency. People will have to buy your product withinrepparttar 101178 allotted amount of time. * If you keep your name onrepparttar 101179 screen duringrepparttar 101180 entire commercial, people will seerepparttar 101181 name even if they mute their television duringrepparttar 101182 commercials. They also become familiar withrepparttar 101183 font, logo and color scheme you use, and will recognize it when they see it again.

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