Inexpensive Places to Register Domain Names

Written by Merle

About a year ago if you wanted to register a domain name there was only one place to go: "Network Solutions". For $70.00 (forrepparttar first two years) you could register a name of your very own.

Today that's no longerrepparttar 108322 case. Now thatrepparttar 108323 Internic no longer hasrepparttar 108324 stranglehold on domain registration, there are a variety of websites that will register a domain for you with varying prices.

One word of advice: Don't pay $70.00, but don't go withrepparttar 108325 cheapest you can find, either. The old adage, "you get what you pay for," rings very true here. I have been using Registrars, which charges $60.00 for 2 years. Although I have seen registration advertised for less, I likerepparttar 108326 nice password protection control panel that Registrars gives you. This control panel makes it easy for you to go in and alterrepparttar 108327 IP addresses anytime you wish in case you switch web hosts. For more on Registrars go to their site at k.cgi?registrars

Make sure that you readrepparttar 108328 fine print before committing to some ofrepparttar 108329 less expensive services. I have heard stories of companies that lock you into hosting on their servers forrepparttar 108330 first one or two years, or some other unusual demand. While I haven't confirmed any of these tales, it always pays to be careful.

Register Domain Names One Year At A Time!

Written by Michael Campbell

I first heard about this money saving news from a press release that wound up in my inbox. I haven't heard it posted anywhere else so I decided to do a little digging on my own, and do what I can to spreadrepparttar good news.

Effective January 15, 2000,repparttar 108321 restriction of registering domain names for two years at a time has been lifted. You can now register domain names from one to ten years, in one year increments, up to a maximum of ten years. The following text is taken directly fromrepparttar 108322 ICANN NSI-Registrar License and Agreement, located at:

2.3. New Architectural Features. NSI will use its best commercial efforts to develop and implement two additional modifications torepparttar 108323 Licensed Product by January 15, 2000 as follows:

2.3.1. NSI will issue an upgrade torepparttar 108324 Licensed Product that will enable a Registrar to accept initial domain name registrations or renewals of a minimum of one year in length, or in multiples of one year increments.

2.3.2. NSI will issue an upgrade torepparttar 108325 Licensed Product that will enable registrars to acceptrepparttar 108326 addition of one additional year to a registrant's "current" registration period when a registrant changes from one registrar to another.

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