Inexpensive Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

Written by Lee Dobbins

Add splash to your kitchen walls without breaking your budget with these inexpensive and unique ideas. Your walls cover a lot of space inrepparttar kitchen and you can give it a little redo on a tight budget by being a little bit creative. Whether you have a special theme in mind or just updating your look, these ideas below might be able to get you started

Decorative plates are one of my favorite kitchen wall decorations. Colorful plates are much less expensive than prints or painting and can add pizzaz to your walls. You can hang them on fancy wrought iron hangers that cost about $20.00 each or just buy inexpensive spring type hangers for a couple of bucks. If your kitchen has a special theme, you can get plates that match or complimentrepparttar 100093 theme. If your kitchen is just a colorful mish mash then you can use colorful plates to accent and add interest. You can group plates with a certain theme like plates with birds on them or plates with cats or even plates with scenes of your hometown. Plates can be bought cheaply at yard sales, consignment stores and flea markets.

Another great decorating idea for your kitchen walls is family photos. You can put them in frames that match your decor and arrange them onrepparttar 100094 wall. They can fit into any decorating scheme but if your kitchen is vintage, Victorian or french country allrepparttar 100095 better! Plus they add an interesting nostalgia torepparttar 100096 room and you get to actually display them instead of keeping them in a closet!

Wallpaper borders are a great inexpensive way to decorate kitchen walls and they donít take a lot of time or skill to put up. You can even add them in with any of these other kitchen wall decorating ideas for some added zest. Wallpaper borders can be run atrepparttar 100097 top ofrepparttar 100098 wall,repparttar 100099 back splash, or chair rail height. Measure out how much you need and then try rummaging throughrepparttar 100100 bargain bin atrepparttar 100101 store.


Written by John Rocco

In previous articles i explained to you how to determine whether your windows are candidates for vinyl replacement style frames or retrofit style frames. This week i'm going to explainrepparttar installation techniques for both frame styles. Let's start withrepparttar 100092 retrofit frame.

Retrofit window installation is reallyrepparttar 100093 easiest of all. The retrofit window already comes with an exterior trim attached. That'srepparttar 100094 flush fin that goes againstrepparttar 100095 outside surface, usually stucco. Preparerepparttar 100096 window by drilling 3/8" holes inrepparttar 100097 areas ofrepparttar 100098 frame where you want to screw it in place. Normally, there will be 3 holes on each side and 3 more acrossrepparttar 100099 top. Don't drill any holes inrepparttar 100100 bottom track. After removingrepparttar 100101 old panels, you want to run a heavy bead of caulk onrepparttar 100102 face ofrepparttar 100103 old aluminum frame that you left in place. Then you and a helper setrepparttar 100104 bottom ofrepparttar 100105 vinyl window ontorepparttar 100106 old aluminum bottom track and raise it into position. The flush fin or retrofit lip will act as a "stop" to holdrepparttar 100107 window in place. Have your helper holdrepparttar 100108 window while you go inside.

Once inside, you want to centerrepparttar 100109 window inrepparttar 100110 opening. Sliderepparttar 100111 vent panel open and closed to make surerepparttar 100112 window is plumb and level. To adjust for out of square conditions, shimrepparttar 100113 bottom right or left corner by placing a shimming material betweenrepparttar 100114 sill and bottom ofrepparttar 100115 window frame. Once square, drive a 3" deck screw throughrepparttar 100116 3/8" holes and intorepparttar 100117 wood studs.Just seatrepparttar 100118 screw, don't overtighten. After you getrepparttar 100119 screws intorepparttar 100120 sides and top, removerepparttar 100121 sliding panel. The bottom track should lift out. Look for drainage holes inrepparttar 100122 track and insert a thin screwdriver and lift up. Drive one screw inrepparttar 100123 bottom center, caulk aroundrepparttar 100124 screw head, then putrepparttar 100125 track back in place and re-installrepparttar 100126 sliding panel. Now, you want to go back outside and caulkrepparttar 100127 gap whererepparttar 100128 retrofit fin meetsrepparttar 100129 exterior surface ofrepparttar 100130 house. You want to have a double barrier of protection against water infiltration. Remember, you already applied a generous bead of caulk before insertingrepparttar 100131 new frame intorepparttar 100132 opening. The rest ofrepparttar 100133 job is done onrepparttar 100134 inside.

First, you want to plugrepparttar 100135 3/8" screw holes to hiderepparttar 100136 heads ofrepparttar 100137 screws. We sellrepparttar 100138 hole plugs onrepparttar 100139 website. Just click onrepparttar 100140 "shop" tab to see a picture. The plugs will pop into place inrepparttar 100141 hole. The next step is to fillrepparttar 100142 gap aroundrepparttar 100143 new frame with R-13 Insulation. Do not userepparttar 100144 foam insulation that comes in a can. Many manufacturers will not honorrepparttar 100145 warranty ifrepparttar 100146 foam is used. Evenrepparttar 100147 non expanding foams can causerepparttar 100148 frame to distort, causing problems. Packrepparttar 100149 insulation in tight. You might want to wear a dust mask during this procedure. Many people, myself included, are very sensitive to insulation. Afterrepparttar 100150 insulation is in place, you want to install trim aroundrepparttar 100151 inside to finishrepparttar 100152 job. You can use wood trim fromrepparttar 100153 hardware store, or some other product. But in my experience,repparttar 100154 best product is a vinyl flat trim that matchesrepparttar 100155 window frame. The flat trim can also be purchased onrepparttar 100156 website underrepparttar 100157 "shop" tab, or you could try to find it from a local window contractor. Ours comes in 3 different widths, althoughrepparttar 100158 1 3/4" wide piece is by farrepparttar 100159 most common. The trim has a double sided adhesive tape onrepparttar 100160 back. You cutrepparttar 100161 top and bottom first, stick them onrepparttar 100162 vinyl frame, making surerepparttar 100163 trim goes torepparttar 100164 drywall. This covers allrepparttar 100165 insulation andrepparttar 100166 old metal frame. Dorepparttar 100167 side pieces next. The final step is to caulk whererepparttar 100168 trim meetsrepparttar 100169 walls.

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