Industry experts answer the one million-dollar question - Why Genie Backup Manager?

Written by Muayyad Shehadeh

Inrepparttar old days, everything used to be scarce. Options were limited to whatever comes our way. But these days, as we live in a time of abundant supply—with allrepparttar 141766 upsizing, freebies and mass discounts—consumers keep on looking for reviews and experts' opinions to determine which product is better suited to serve their needs.

However when it comes to backup utilities, users will look no further, sincerepparttar 141767 experts have already spoken—and they have chosen Genie Backup Manager (GBM).

Many reasons made GBM a unanimous choice for experts, one of them isrepparttar 141768 fact that withrepparttar 141769 set of features it offers, it's definitelyrepparttar 141770 easiest to use.

“Genie Backup Manager Professional has a clear, simple interface which lets you managerepparttar 141771 application without problems and in just a few minutes,”repparttar 141772 UK's Personal Computer World (PCW) stated in its Feb 2005 review of GBM, in which it selectedrepparttar 141773 application for its Highly Recommended award. “As soon as you start working with it, you'll see that behind its simple appearance lie some advanced options not found in higher-end products.”

Before reviewing an assortment of products, experts usually predefinerepparttar 141774 criteria upon which they will judgerepparttar 141775 software candidates—for example,repparttar 141776 popular Info-Packets newsletter established a 6 Point Purchasing Guide to help users search for a backup utility, namely: Ease of use, value for money, reliability, performance, depth of feature set, and research and review.

After defining those measures, Info-Packets started a search forrepparttar 141777 software that mostly combines all six of them. “An impossible feat? Perhaps not,” Info-Packets' Dennis Faas wrote in his March 2005 article. “Thankfully, my quest to find such a program ended when I came across a wonderful backup utility, called Genie Backup Manager.”

Faas also praised GBM for its user-friendliness and advanced features. “ Genie Backup Manager (GBM) is an all-in-one backup solution that provides easy to use, powerful features that can archive and restore personal files, documents, emails, complex Windows settings, programs, and more to virtually any local or remote device...”

Honoring GBM as its 2004 “ Editors Choice: Best overall ” inrepparttar 141778 review for Outstanding Windows Backup Software Programs, industry specialists Backup Software Reviews called it: “An impressively fast and full featured program withrepparttar 141779 capacity to back uprepparttar 141780 Windows Registry, Favorites, Outlook data and other system files in addition to normal email and user data.”

While reviewing GBM , Backup Software Reviews concluded that when “the chips are down, you'd be happy to have this program working for you.”

Comprehensive Meaning Of Segmentation By Clustering

Written by Eng.Mohamed S. El Kayyali

Segmentation as a word, means to classifyrepparttar objects that are exists in an image, it has many theories and methodologies, assume that we would like to recognize objects in an image, there are too many pixels to handle each individually, instead, we should like some form of compact, summary representation.

Although, superficially these different methods may seem some how complicated for any reader, in this article I will demonstraterepparttar 141713 meaning of clustering in segmentation.

One natural view of segmentation is that we are attempting to determine which components of data set naturally belong together. This is a problem known as clustering. We can cluster in two ways:

-Partitioning: here we have a large data set, and curve it up according to notion ofrepparttar 141714 association between items insiderepparttar 141715 set. We would like to decompose it into pieces that are good according to our model. For example we can decompose an image into regions that have coherent color and texture.

-Grouping: in this part we have distinct data items, and we would like to collect sets of data items that make sense together.

The key here is to determine what representation is suitable forrepparttar 141716 problem at hand, we need to know by what criteria a segmentation method should decide which pixels belong together and which do not.

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