Industry Pro Interview – Increase the Buying Frequency From Your Customers

Written by Karon Thackston

© 2002 Karon Thackston

Kevin Clark (“Mr. Entrepreneur”) is a high-energy champion for those who want to start a business or get more profit out of their business. He’s a regional winner ofrepparttar prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year Award and was inducted intorepparttar 101050 Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? Me, too! But just wait until you read what he has to say about increasingrepparttar 101051 buying frequency from your customers. You’ll be truly amazed at how easy it is!

KARON: Hi Kevin. Thanks for your time today. I just know you have a world of information about how we can all increase profits withoutrepparttar 101052 huge expense of marketing to and getting new customers.

KEVIN: My pleasure, Karon. I’m ready to go!

KARON: I’ve been to your site and you talk a lot aboutrepparttar 101053 “lifetime value of customers”. Most know that one-time sales are notrepparttar 101054 key to big profits. But is there a way to create a "plan" for increasing lifetime sales?

KEVIN: Yes, by understanding and usingrepparttar 101055 following strategy:

Acquire customers at breakeven and make substantial profit onrepparttar 101056 back end.

KARON: Expand on that, Kevin.

KEVIN: Sure… this is one ofrepparttar 101057 most overlooked and underutilized strategies in your marketing tool kit for growing your business. The key ingredient is to determine if your business has a high probability of customers or clients who come back to repurchaserepparttar 101058 same (or different) products/services from you frequently.

If you do, you owe it to yourself to do everything within your power to get customers intorepparttar 101059 buying stream as quickly and easily as you can.

This technique focuses on keeping an eye not towardrepparttar 101060 beginning ofrepparttar 101061 relationship, but onrepparttar 101062 continuation and recurring relationship from bringing clients into your business.

KARON: So, let me see if I understand you right. IF I have other products/services to offer, I can bring a customer into my business with a sale, a bargain rate, etc. as long as I have a strategy for getting them to buy repeatedly? Is that right?

KEVIN: Yes! The majority of your profits will come onrepparttar 101063 “back end”.

Ask yourself this question:

”How much would it be worth if I brought in an extra “X” new customers this month, not making a dime of profit onrepparttar 101064 initial transactions, but making enormous profits on allrepparttar 101065 repeat transactions forrepparttar 101066 next 12 months?”

KARON: Hmmm… I’d have to give that some thought. I guess it depends on how many product/services I have to offer them, right?

KEVIN: Or, in your case, Karon – how many copywriting projectsrepparttar 101067 customer needs.

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