Indoor Grills Featured in Steven Raichlen's Newest Book

Written by Laura Ciocan

With a great number of city people living in condos, with no possibility to grill outside, Raichlen's latest book, "Indoor! Grilling" covers a topic of large interest, especially that grilling is a tradition in America, some sort of a national custom. So, this theme surely relieves a lot of frustration forrepparttar part of audience that had been previously left out!

Steven Raichlen is a cooking teacher, lecturer, author, journalist and TV host. He foundedrepparttar 113143 Carribean cooking school Cooking in Paradise. Raichlen's TV show, Barbecue University debuted in 2003 on public television. The same year he was namedrepparttar 113144 "cooking teacher ofrepparttar 113145 year" by Bon Appetit magazine.

Participating in a "barbecue battle" on Japanese television and defeating Iron Chef Roksbura Michiba attracted him nicknames such asrepparttar 113146 "Michael Jordan of Barbecue", as Howard Stern called him or, like Oprah put it,repparttar 113147 "Gladiator of Grilling".

Raichlen published over 25 books of which best-sellers such as Barbecue Bible Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades, Beer Can Chicken, Healthy Latin Cooking, Miami Spice, Big Flavor Cookbook andrepparttar 113148 famous first and foremost book on grilling, The Barbecue Bible, that appeared in 1998. It wasrepparttar 113149 first guide on grilling, a study of barbecuing aroundrepparttar 113150 world and a course on live fire cooking techniques. His writing won 3 IACP awards and 4 James Beard Awards and was translated into ten different languages.

George Foreman Grill Producer vs. George Foreman Foods Inc.

Written by Laura Ciocan

Salton, Inc.,repparttar producer of George Foreman Grill filed a complaint against George Foreman Foods Inc. regardingrepparttar 113142 use ofrepparttar 113143 domain name . The complaint was denied.

Beyondrepparttar 113144 fame gained as a heavyweight boxer, becoming world champion in 1973 and 1994, George Foreman has become a renown brand for quite a wide range of quality products. In fact,repparttar 113145 name has become so famous as a product brand that many ofrepparttar 113146 younger generation have come to knowrepparttar 113147 famous character throughrepparttar 113148 products sold under this brand. Foreman himself admits that he gained more fame and wealth as a product endorser than he thought possible.

The brand sells from electrical products, to clothes, cleaning products, low-fat, grill-compatible products. However,repparttar 113149 most notable of this series isrepparttar 113150 George Foreman Grill produced by US marketers Salton Inc. The company owns trademarks and trademark registrations forrepparttar 113151 mark GEORGE FOREMAN inrepparttar 113152 United States and elsewhere for products used for preparing, cooking, serving foods and beverages since 1995.

In 2002, George Foreman concluded an agreement with an entrepreneur to launch a line of meat products and other foods. The company became George Foreman Foods Inc. and was going to cause a whole series of problems. At present, Foreman is fighting to unwindrepparttar 113153 contract onrepparttar 113154 grounds thatrepparttar 113155 company introduced products he didn't approve, such as coffee and old frozen meat products, thus putting Foreman's image at a risk of being spread too thin.

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