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Celebrating a Year Long Vacation with

Written by Erica Campbell

June 5, 2005, Norfolk, ( announces its first anniversary of providing its customers withrepparttar most effective vacation rental advertising onrepparttar 142192 Internet! In an age when 63% of vacationers userepparttar 142193 Internet to make their travel plans, has already emerged as a leader inrepparttar 142194 online vacation rental industry. has more than tripled its number of listings to over 13,000 sincerepparttar 142195 launch and is currently growing at a more rapid pace than ever! Leads generated torepparttar 142196 brokers on are four times higher today than last June. Duringrepparttar 142197 past year, has also launched and enhanced a number of product offerings.

Undoubtedly,repparttar 142198 underlying reason behind’s success is its emphasis on customer service. provides its clients withrepparttar 142199 latest in detailed reporting, and as a Customer Service Manager, Jan Pedder states, “Reports such as these make calculating return on advertising investment simple. We’re proud to offer our clients a service of this caliber, which no other vacation rental listing website provides.” In honor ofrepparttar 142200 anniversary,repparttar 142201 company is offering 25% offrepparttar 142202 first 12 weeks to all of its new clients not currently advertising on

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