Indirect Advertising

Written by Warren Contreras

I am reasonably sure that anyone reading this article is familiar with allrepparttar free online advertising resources such asrepparttar 117113 all too familiar Sp-m, Classifieds, FFA pages, Banners, Text Ads, Traffic Exchanges, Newsletters,Guaranteed Visitors, Paid to Read, Paid to Join, Link Swaps, Pop-ups, Other 'In-Your-Face' Ads, andrepparttar 117114 list goes on and on.

The question I would like you to consider is, when you see this kind of stuff yourself what is your 'Frame of Mind'?

My guess is you know what's coming and your shields go up. You pull up your waders and trudge on through, oblivious torepparttar 117115 thousands of messages ricochetting off your armor just so you can collect a few more hits for your own website or offer. With Millions of would be online marketers doing this hour after hour and day after day, is it any wonder thatrepparttar 117116 Internet slows down to a crawl and even stops at times?

So what if you could put your message on hold for a time when your prospects finished their 'Direct Advertising' chores. They have returned to their curious wanderings online, a time when they are now open to checking things out. Instead of shoving your material in their face, they come looking for you to see what you are doing. Maybe even ask a few questions. Kind of like stopping off for a cold one withrepparttar 117117 gang after work.

The online equivalent to this scene is being played out today and every day and you can participate for free. It is called 'Social Networking' or even more appropriately for us, 'Business Networking' and is easily found with your favorite search engine.

Since this can hardly be considered blatant advertising (at least not directly) I will sayrepparttar 117118 one I am most familiar with and use myself, isrepparttar 117119 Ryze Business Network. With a free account they allow you to create a 'Home Page' where you can display whatever you want other members to see. I suggest you tell about yourself instead of wasting it on more advertising. Those that visit know that they are on a Business Network and know you are here because you have something for sale.

Are You Running Your Website Visitors Away?

Written by Irene Brooks

Small businesses are flocking torepparttar Internet. The web is fast becoming a major channel for lead generations and sales of products and services. Additionally, thousands of people are turning torepparttar 117112 Web to start their own home-based businesses.

After spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars to build their web presence,repparttar 117113 vast majority of businesses coming online are disappointed withrepparttar 117114 promised results of their websites. I’m sorry to say, but most of these under-performing websites were build by graphic designers and technical developers that have no real marketing experience. In committing these mistakes many small business owners are unwittingly driving their website visitors away!

Having reviewed literally hundreds of websites for small business owners, I have seenrepparttar 117115 exact same mistakes being made over and over. The following are 5 ofrepparttar 117116 most common website design mistakes being made today – and tips on what you can do to avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Not Clearly Differentiating Yourself From The Competition

How many websites have you been to that lookrepparttar 117117 same, sayrepparttar 117118 same thing, haverepparttar 117119 same functions, and generally are justrepparttar 117120 same-ole website? Probably a lot. People go to your website to get information to solve their problem and to find out how you can solve it for them.

If your visitor doesn’t have a clear understanding of why you are different and that you arerepparttar 117121 only solution for them to logically choose, they will click on over to your competitor.

One ofrepparttar 117122 most common website mistakes is not clearly differentiating themselves from their competitors in a meaningful way. Meaningful in a sense, that whatever difference you claim to have must benefitrepparttar 117123 customer. It needs to be something that they desire.

If you’ve done your job right, you visitor will feel that they would be foolish to not buy your product or service.

Mistake #2 – Content focused on only you and your business

No one cares about you or any of your awards. All they care about is how you can help them solve their problem. I see this time and again – small business webites owners focusing all their content on their company and how good they think they are.

The moment you start to understand that people don’t care about you, and what they really care about is how you can solve their problem, your sales will begin to increase. Why? Because generally speaking, deep down, people are totally immersed in their own problems. Your job is to get into that person’s mind asrepparttar 117124 solution of those problems. Here are some tactics that you can implement to make your prospect begin to see you asrepparttar 117125 solution to their problems:

-State your prospect’s problem then agitate it

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