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Written by Rusty Kaohelaulii

A breakthrough technology allows you, in a manner of seconds, to create visually stunning 20-40 second TV-like commercial messages and broadcast them to as many recipients as you choose. Your commercials are delivered as standard email messages with no attachments, so there are no concerns regarding viruses, downloads or bandwidth. And they open and run immediately, even on slow modems.

When your customer or prospect clicks on your email message, their computer screen immediately comes alive with sound, music, photographs, streaming video, animation and graphics. You can even include your own recorded voice message, if you choose. The quality of these high-impact multi-media commercial messages is equivalent to those currently seen on national television.

Your Business Control Center provides allrepparttar tools you need to create, send, track and monitor your entire campaign. Our online commercial editor is so easy to manage that even a child can use it. You just point, click, type and press send and our technology doesrepparttar 101022 rest in a matter of seconds! Your commercials can be simple and straight-forward, or made fully interactive to include your choice of multiple links, printable coupons, information capture forms, embedded documents or presentations, even your own audio or video messages.

5 Reasons Why You Should Post A Free Classified Ad

Written by Stupidman

5 Reasons Why You Should Post A Free Classified Ad By Stupidman

I don't think it takes anybody very long to find out there is an inner circle withinrepparttar internet. The inner circle is like an exclusive club,repparttar 101021 members refer to each other as internet gurus. Nobody ever says, "I am an internet guru." But they always point at each other and say, "He is an internet guru." (I've not noticed any female gurus or guras for that matter. But then I have not been doing this for very long.) I've tried to join but I have not been able to find their organization. I've searched through Google but maybe I'm not usingrepparttar 101022 right keywords, though as often as they say itrepparttar 101023 organization should be ranked # 1 using guru asrepparttar 101024 keyword.

To remain a "guru in good standing" you must be kind, generous and willing to share one or more internet secrets withrepparttar 101025 general public. It's okay to collect a fee for sharingrepparttar 101026 secret, after all, think about how much money they're giving up when they let everybody in onrepparttar 101027 secret.

Even when I have paid for a secret I don't always understand it. That is one ofrepparttar 101028 reasons I am Stupidman. I've tried to become a guru. I even ran an ad, "I have a secret, pay me!" Nobody did.

But because I really want to be an internet guru I've developed a plan. I am going to tell you a secret for free. Then, you will say, "Stupidman is a guru trainee." Then,repparttar 101029 next time I run an ad, "I have a secret, pay me!!", you will.

You're reading this because ofrepparttar 101030 catchy title, 5 Reasons Why You Should Post A Free Classified Ad. To getrepparttar 101031 ball rolling I'm going to share a "bonus" secret. THE CONTENT OF THE AD DOES NOT MATTER. What? Why? Second "bonus" secret: NOBODY READS THEM. You can post, "Spam Me" or "I have a virus that I want to infect you with" or "I am a serial killer, let's get acquainted". Content does not matter. You will get responses that completely ignore your content.

Reason # 1: Eliminate Loneliness

If you are sad or melancholyrepparttar 101032 responses you get will cheer you up. Imagine dozens or even hundreds of happy, enthusiastic people contacting you to share their "secrets" and invite you, a complete stranger, to join them onrepparttar 101033 road to happiness and great wealth.

Your new friends will embrace and urge you to join organizations already loaded (yet still rapidly growing) with more happy, successful people or they might even (because they really like you) invite you to join a "ground floor opportunity". This will allow you to share your good fortune with your friends, family and, if you are a true believer, lonely, complete strangers as you once were.

The method by which your new friends initially contacted you (which will also be one ofrepparttar 101034 methods they will suggest you use when you contact complete strangers) is called UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL. This is not SPAM. Spam is something else. Your new friends will explain this to you atrepparttar 101035 bottom of every letter they send you. They will carefully explain that Senate Bill 1618 and/or House Bill 3113 say that if you have an unsubscribe link (working or not) then it is not Spam. Do not be troubled byrepparttar 101036 fact that neither bill was signed into law. (This relies uponrepparttar 101037 long established legal position that if anybody in Congress intended it to be law then it must be ok.)

If you decide to checkrepparttar 101038 unsubscribe link to see if it is working and discover it isn't do not lose faith in your new friends. I GUARANTEErepparttar 101039 other links function properly.

Reason # 2: Read Email With Lots of Zeros and Exclamatory Punctuation

This is one ofrepparttar 101040 best parts. Reading all ofrepparttar 101041 highlighted, italicized, underscored zeros. 000's for part time, 0000's for full time (monthly or weekly, doesn't matter). Talk about exclamation points! Just about every sentence will have one, sometimes three or four together. Who wouldn't be excited. Doesn't it make your heart race just thinking about it?

To add torepparttar 101042 excitement, many ofrepparttar 101043 opportunities will have hard and fast deadlines. "We can only take 4 more success oriented people in this program." "Offer expires in twenty minutes." "Bonuses if you enroll by midnight tonight.

Clearly you must respond quickly orrepparttar 101044 opportunity will be lost forever.

You must be especially alert forrepparttar 101045 "gifting" program. This is a wonderful opportunity where you can profit torepparttar 101046 tune of tens of thousands of dollars within a couple of weeks. Merely send some money electronically torepparttar 101047 person atrepparttar 101048 top ofrepparttar 101049 list, write your name atrepparttar 101050 bottom and sendrepparttar 101051 whole thing to people you want to become rich. If you are an extremely kind person you can userepparttar 101052 UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL technique and make everybody inrepparttar 101053 world rich.

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