Independence Day Teaching Tips

Written by Freda J. Glatt, M.S.

Independence Day is a good time to think about America, what it took to become a country, andrepparttar freedoms we enjoy. (These ideas are easily adaptable to any country.) Here are a few suggestions:

1. Children may enjoy making a red, white, and blue shaker. Use red, white, and blue glitter to decorate two paper plates; letrepparttar 146947 glue dry thoroughly. After mixing dried beans and uncooked macaroni, put a handful in one plate. Decorate further with two red, two white, and two blue streamers made of crepe-paper; each should be about 6" long. Put about an inch of them onrepparttar 146948 plate withrepparttar 146949 beans/macaroni mixture and staplerepparttar 146950 other plate on top in 1" segments. These can be used on Flag Day,repparttar 146951 Fourth of July, or any time you want to shake with pride forrepparttar 146952 USA! (If you live in a different country, use glitter and streamers in your country's colors and shake with pride for your heritage!) When you are finished withrepparttar 146953 project, userepparttar 146954 activity for sequencing questions (ie: What did we do after this? What did we do before this?). Also ask critical thinking questions (ie: What would have happened if we hadn't stapledrepparttar 146955 plates together?).

2. Let your children help you make a rectangular cake and frost it to look likerepparttar 146956 flag. Ask children to predict if using red and blue food coloring will changerepparttar 146957 taste ofrepparttar 146958 white food coloring. Were they right?!

3. Make a Fourth of July History Minibook usingrepparttar 146959 symbols ofrepparttar 146960 USA and customary of George Washington,repparttar 146961 American flag,repparttar 146962 Liberty Bell,repparttar 146963 bald eagle,repparttar 146964 Statue of Liberty, fireworks, and family picnics or barbecues, for starters. Below each picture, write a sentence or short paragraph indicatingrepparttar 146965 importance of each to America. Perhapsrepparttar 146966 title page could have a picture ofrepparttar 146967 cake you made in tip number 2!

7 Reasons to Pursue an Online Degree

Written by Rick Hendershot

by Rick Hendershot,

We all know that furthering your education can open up opportunities that you would not otherwise have. And there is no better way to further your career pospects than by earning a degree or taking college courses to refine and expand your skills. In fact studying for an online degree can revolutionize your future.

Unfortunately most people find it difficult to study when they need to earn money. So traditional college courses are not an option for many people. Or if they are, they are often much too expensive or time consuming.

Earning your degree online has changed all that. Distance education has been with us for many years, butrepparttar development ofrepparttar 146822 internet has created an explosion in online study. Many people who have not been able to attend college to study for their degree now haverepparttar 146823 chance to earn a degree from home.

Advantages of Online Study and Online Degrees

First, studying for an online degree is incredibly convenient. Your classroom is your home office or living room and you can work on your online degree any time ofrepparttar 146824 day or night -- onrepparttar 146825 weekend, before breakfast or inrepparttar 146826 middle ofrepparttar 146827 night.

Second, when you study for an online degree you eliminaterepparttar 146828 tiresome and expensive commute that is part of traditional college study. Earning an online degree makes commuting a thing ofrepparttar 146829 past.

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