Increasing Your Profits Through Other Peoples Advertising.

Written by Gareth Longbottom

How can other peoples advertising increase your online income?

One ofrepparttar first questions I ask a new prospect who joins my family of highly motivated people is:

What other programs have you been involved with, and if you are no longer an active member, why did you leave?

The most frequent response I get is: .......... "I didn't get intorepparttar 117230 program early enough, so too many people were promoting it."

Just think about that for a minute.

Every day we hear...... "the fortune is inrepparttar 117231 follow-up" and...." it takes on average seven contacts before a prospect will act, or click through to your web site".

We are told this time and time again because it's true, it's been proven many times by people who are earning thousands of dollars each month.

So start beleiving it.

Setting up an effective autoresponder series is one ofrepparttar 117232 first things I help my own people do. It's a must if you want to succeed online!

So, let's say you just joined a new program or opportunity and you place an add in a newsletter, but what you don't realize is that inrepparttar 117233 last few weeks other people have placed adds inrepparttar 117234 same publication forrepparttar 117235 same program as you.

Does this mean that your add will be less effective becauserepparttar 117236 reader has seen it several times in previous issues?

Of course not!!

The reader is now starting to get curious about this program that people are joining,repparttar 117237 reader is now getting more exposure to your program from other people advetising inrepparttar 117238 newsletter,repparttar 117239 reader is now sitting up and taking notice.

How To Help Your Kids Learn Important Life Skills Through Home Business

Written by Henri Schauffler

Copyright 2003 by Henri G. Schauffler

Would you like to find a willing, enthusiastic source of free or very inexpensive labor for your Internet Home Business? Would you like to find a fantastic way to help your children learn things like self discipline, goal setting, integrity, financial management and communication skills? Then read on, dear reader!

What I'm getting at is, of course,repparttar idea of involving your kids in your Internet home business, or helping them start one of their own. Instead of having them be a source of distraction and/or trouble as you labor to build your business, try a new approach - consider your children your potential allies and even potential employees.

Also, considerrepparttar 117229 many character building benefits of involving kids in your home business. Steve Mariotti, Founder and President of The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE - started a ground breaking program over two decades ago that set up disadvantaged New York City youth in modest businesses of their own, such as Manhattan hot dog carts. Here is their mission tatement:

"NFTE's mission is to teach entrepreneurship to low-income young people, ages 11 through 18, so they can become economically productive members of society by improving their academic, business, technology and life skills." To sayrepparttar 117230 least, this program has been *extremely* successful.

Wouldn't you like your children to learn some of these life skills and help you out as well? The question, of course, is,"Practically speaking, what can my kids do in my Internet home business?" I'm glad you asked! Let's look at pre-teens and then teens.


Your 11-13 year olds are just beginning to get old enough to begin learning about business. Talk to them one-on-one about their interests. See if you can find a connection with what you are doing in your business. Here are some examples of what I mean:

If your child plays or is interested in sports, encourage him or her to begin going to sites onrepparttar 117231 Web that talk about sports or sell sports gear. Start to ask them questions aboutrepparttar 117232 sites - "Do you like this part; do you see how they are trying to get you to buy something here; do you see this banner ad there?" You'll begin to get them engaged, and soon, you can start to show them how you are doingrepparttar 117233 same things in your family's business.

Another way to involve your kids is to get them actually doing some work for you - even pay them a little bit! Most kids these days are itching for a chance to earn extra money. If we pay them to dorepparttar 117234 lawn and help with chores, why not hire them for helping in our home business? As they work, of course, they'll begin to be involved inrepparttar 117235 business! I did this with my then 13 year old a few years back, and guess what? He now has a thriving EBay business of his own! More on EBay in a moment.

The main point with pre-teens is to engage them in some way with your Internet business and/or other Internet businesses. For some children, this is justrepparttar 117236 spark they need. Don't forget - they're always going to learn important life skills as they work in a business environment.

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