Increasing The Perceived Value of Your Product or Service

Written by Halstatt Pires

Whether online or offline, small businesses often show little faith inrepparttar quality of their service or product. Instead, they tend to focus onrepparttar 149630 limitations and lower their prices. This natural insecurity can lead to disastrous financial results because lower prices cripple your return on investment.

Rest assured, you will make sales if you researchrepparttar 149631 market, locate a need and provided a quality solution. Do not let insecurity wasterepparttar 149632 blood, sweat and tears you expended onrepparttar 149633 business. Instead, you should focus on building your credibility and displaying it on your site.

Considerrepparttar 149634 following:

If your product isrepparttar 149635 greatest thing since sliced bread, why are you selling it for a nominal amount? Sell it at a higher price to build credibility. This increasesrepparttar 149636 perceived value because people associate higher prices with better quality.

Let’s look at professional services based on an hourly fee. If I write an e-book on Internet marketing for attorneys or accountants,repparttar 149637 price I charge is going to be based onrepparttar 149638 conversion ratio. These professionals are particularly time conscious since they bill byrepparttar 149639 hour in their own practice. If my book promises to get them 10 clients each month producing $50,000 in revenues,repparttar 149640 book is extremely valuable to them. If I charge $19.95, my credibility goes downrepparttar 149641 tube. Why would someone give away such valuable information for such a cheap price? Onrepparttar 149642 other hand, if I charge them $599.99,repparttar 149643 price adds torepparttar 149644 credibility of my claims.

5 Cheap Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

Written by Anik Singal

Copyright 2005 Kurma Group

We get so caught up with internet marketing and “web building” that most of us tend to forgetrepparttar “olden days” of marketing; offline marketing. Years ago,repparttar 149485 web did not exist, yet, people still made millions!

Why is it that all of a sudden most of us think that offline marketing is not worthrepparttar 149486 investment? If anything,repparttar 149487 lesserrepparttar 149488 people that promote offline,repparttar 149489 morerepparttar 149490 opportunity for you to slide in.

Even if you are just promoting an affiliate website, offline marketing can still be an incredibly profitable means to drive traffic. However, as with all marketing, do it slowly, track meticulously and learn as you go.

Here are 5 ofrepparttar 149491 cheapest ways you can start getting your hands into offline marketing:

1. Inexpensive Business Cards

There used to be a day when business cards were expensive, but today, companies such as are giving away business cards for free!

You run into hundreds, if not thousands of people everyday just during your normal daily tasks; restaurants, neighborhood, grocery store, clubs, works, etc…

Simply have a business card on you and ready to go as you meet someone and they ask what you do? Refer them to your new start-up business and build their curiosity.

So what if this technique won’t have you boasting thousands of visitors in a month, over time you can build very targeted visitors – all while you also brand your company!

2. Press Releases Everyone who knows me, knows that I am very big on publishing articles and content and then distributing them online. I have scored BIG traffic by doing this and so have those who learned from me.

Well let’s takerepparttar 149492 concept one step further and spread press releases. Press releases and content are similar in nature, just written differently. Press releases can spread like wild-fire and if picked up by any form of media, you’re set!

This strategy may take some time, but be patient. With great, easy-to-use services like, it’s a shame to not use this strategy!

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