Increasing Conversions Through Action-Oriented Copywriting

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2005

I do site reviews. Needless to say, I see a lot of Web copy. One thing that always befuddles me isrepparttar lack of focus many site pages have. It's as ifrepparttar 108014 writer assumesrepparttar 108015 site visitor will readrepparttar 108016 copy and automatically know what to do next. The fact is you have to know what action you want visitors to take before you get them to take that action. That means knowing whatrepparttar 108017 preferred action you want visitors to take is, before you writerepparttar 108018 copy.

Think About It

Before you pen one word (forrepparttar 108019 Web or any other marketing medium), stop and think. "After reading this copy, what - specifically - do I want my site visitors to do?" Maybe you want them to click deeper intorepparttar 108020 site. Perhaps you want them to buy right then and there. It could be that you'd like them to call to discuss your product or service. Make a donation. Subscribe. Download. There are thousands of possible actions. Give some consideration torepparttar 108021 question above and chooserepparttar 108022 action you most want your visitors to take.

Signposts Pointrepparttar 108023 Way

The next step is to include signposts alongrepparttar 108024 way so your visitors understand what they're supposed to do once they've read your copy. Leaving verbal clues helps prepare your visitors to take action oncerepparttar 108025 time comes.

For instance, if you run a software site that offers a free trial download, you can prepare your visitors to getrepparttar 108026 trial version all throughout your copy by mentioning "free download" or "free trial." Your copy might read:

Email Lock software allows you to send emails and attachments securely through encrypted channels. Withrepparttar 108027 free download, you'll discover just how easy it is to protect your messages and attachments from spying eyes. It's ultra-easy to use. You'll send emails just as you always have, and your recipients won't know anything has changed, either. The free trial version is fully functional and allows you to experience allrepparttar 108028 flexibility and simplicity of sending safe and encrypted emails and attachments.

10 Tips for Aspiring Freelance Copywriters

Written by Glenn Murray

Every week I receive a couple of emails from people seeking advice on how to get into freelance copywriting. While thereís no simple answer, and no answer which applies to everyone, there are a few tips which I believe will help most people makerepparttar move into freelance copywriting, and surviverepparttar 108013 first few months at least.

1) Invest in a website

The best place for any freelance advertising copywriter or website copywriter to start is to fork out for a website. A website is invaluable because when you cold call and email prospects, youíll need to direct them somewhere that gives them more information. Keep your website simple, include a portfolio page, add any samples of any sort of copywriting you've done, talk aboutrepparttar 108014 places you've worked,repparttar 108015 clients youíve written for, and include any testimonials youíve received. Make sure you include your address and contact details as well, so people don't think you're a fly-by-night operation. Of course, it doesn't hurt to include a photo either. If you can't say much about your experience, don't say much. It doesn't even really matter if you don't say anything. Remember, just like any other form of advertising copywriting, writing about yourself requiresrepparttar 108016 art of subtlety. If you lack experience, but youíre confident you can dorepparttar 108017 job, you can be very clever in what you don't say, and most people will read itrepparttar 108018 way you intended.

2) Donít target agencies

If youíve never worked as an advertising copywriter or website copywriter before, donít target advertising agencies and web design agencies. They know exactly what theyíre after, so if you donít have a portfolio, you wonít stand a chance. Managing an inexperienced copywriter and controlling quality takes a lot of time and introduces risk. Most agencies are too busy to give unproven copywriters a break, even if youíre prepared to dorepparttar 108019 work on spec. Target end-clients directly.

3) Cold call, cold call, cold call

One ofrepparttar 108020 best ways of generating business inrepparttar 108021 early days is to cold call potential end-clients. Itís hard work and very time consuming, but you can generate some very qualified leads. For more information on cold calling, take a look at

4) Use a contacts & jobs database

No matter where youíre at in your freelance copywriting career, you NEED a database of contacts and jobs. Kind of a scaled down CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Use it to record everything! Particularly names, phone numbers, andrepparttar 108022 details of any correspondence (especially phone calls). I created my own database using Microsoft Access. Visit and jobs.mdb to download a 208KB working copy for FREE. Youíll need Microsoft Access 2000 to run it. Iím no database expert, so itís not a work of art. Itíll certainly get you started though. (TIP: When usingrepparttar 108023 database, press Ctrl + ; to enter todayís date.)

5) Write a few samples

If youíre targeting specific clients or industries, donít be afraid to write a few samples and send them through. You can offerrepparttar 108024 pieces free of charge (everyone likes something for nothing) or at a discount, or you can use it as an incentive to sign them up for future work. It all depends onrepparttar 108025 type of work andrepparttar 108026 type of client. The important thing to remember is that samples are virtually as good as a portfolio to most prospective clients.

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