Increase your affiliate earnings with a smart webmaster plan.

Written by Ed Charkow

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn an income online in a few easy steps. However, if you don't have a plan you are going to fail. A smart webmaster plan includes some pretty basic steps that you should follow every time.

A website is a lot like a business onrepparttar corner. Your advertising methods might be a little different but you still have expenses, and you need to plan for growth. The expenses for a website are usually hosting, domain registration, and some form of advertising.

I don't want you to even think for a moment that being an affiliate isn't a reason to be your own webmaster. There is a reason that 95% of affiliates never make a sale. The reason is they aren't doing whatrepparttar 105518 5% making money are doing. It's about time you treated your affiliations like a real business.

A real business plans for everything, before spendingrepparttar 105519 first cent.

Step one: Don't register a domain name, don't get hosting, don't do anything yet. Let's think about what we want to accomplish with our plan. For our example we want to promote a service site for webmasters. (It makes sense to sell shovels torepparttar 105520 coal miners.) We are going to set things up to generate recurring traffic and high page rankings.

Step two: Choose your affiliations wisely. Many affiliate programs don't pay, or won't be here in 6 months. When your planning your website, don't make it dependent on one affiliate program. I like to review products that I personally use. For my example here I am going to use Xarawebstyle4 as our affiliate product. The reason is that it is an established company, I loverepparttar 105521 products, and I use them daily. What better to promote than something I believe in and USE?

Step three: Set up your target market. In may case I want webmasters that want to make their own graphics and website templates, but don't want to purchase an expensive solution like Photoshop with a high learning curve.

Step four: Research your keywords. There are tons of places to research keywords, and you can spend up to 400 bucks for this type of software. Let's start slow though O.K.? Here is a growing collection of webmaster tools: . I don't recommend going for broad reaching keywords. Micro-targeting your keywords will get you a better result than going forrepparttar 105522 term that is already ranked for 10 billion websites.

Step five: Now that you have your chosen your product or service that you wish to affiliate with, target market, and keywords it's time to get going to development stage. I'm sure you don't have millions to spend, andrepparttar 105523 good news is you don't have too. Service review sites are quite affordable to create, they usually have a simple logo, and just a "layout." A good webdesign company can make you a great "template" for this for about 20 dollars.

How to Recognize Great Ads (that Are Generating Leads!)

Written by Daryl Logullo | Strategic Impact!

Sorry to tell you, but people really donít give a flying fling about you, your business or how great your product is. The want to know what benefit, advantage or personal improvement you offer that somebody else doesnít.

What do I mean? WellÖ how are you going to make peopleís lives easier? Are you going to make them richer? Prettier? Slimmer? How are you going to improve their lives?

I try to get my clients to understand this: advertising is salesmanship en masse. Plain and simple. Itís either salesmanship in print, salesmanship onrepparttar air, or salesmanship inrepparttar 105517 mail. But itís not blind statements that say nothing, or cause no one to take action. Is it any reason why most advertising is lousy and doesnít work?

Unfortunately, few business owners donít understandrepparttar 105518 point of running an ad. You run an ad to stimulate a direct and immediate response. Or better yet promote an instant sale. Until a company understandsrepparttar 105519 purpose of an ad and how to formulate them, I tell clients to hold off and stop throwing their money away. Let me summarize where to begin:

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