Increase Your Website Sales Instantly

Written by Alvin Poh

If there's one thing that I've learnt so far, it's that nothing beats good copy. You may have found a way to bring in 10,000 visitors a day to your site, but if your copy is lousy, you're just wasting your effort. Web sites are only as good as their copy, so if you want to run a successful website, check and double-check your copy!

Listed below are thirteen tips to better your copy and increase your sales:

1. Use short benefit-focused headlines.

Grab your readers attention fromrepparttar very first line by piquing their curiosity. Ask a question or make a statement that causes a question to be formed inrepparttar 134976 minds of your readers. This will get them to read on as they attempt to satisfy their curiosity. Be creative, or if that fails, be informative.

2. Make your copy short and to-the-point.

Your potential clients love easy-to-digest material, so keep your paragraphs short. Three or four sentences per paragraph are fine, anything more is not.

Checkrepparttar 134977 format ofrepparttar 134978 page too. Make surerepparttar 134979 column width ofrepparttar 134980 copy is around ten words across. Learn fromrepparttar 134981 experts - newspapers publishers have known for years that narrow columns and short paragraphs keep people reading.

3. Make use of lists.

Bullet or numbered lists have to berepparttar 134982 best things around for copy writers. The human eye naturally gravitates toward a list. A list is akin to an oasis in a desert. People who are inclined to skip over long, wordy sales copy will still look at bullet lists. So use this fact to your advantage by listingrepparttar 134983 killer benefits of your offer.

4. Put yourself in your targeted visitors' shoes.

Ask yourself, "why are they at my site?" People only want two things:

  1. free content such as articles or tips about your service or product
  2. how you can solve their problem or challenge -repparttar 134984 top benefits you offer.

5. Aim your copy at your targeted market.

Focus, focus, focus. I dare say that in any venture, be it online or offline,repparttar 134985 most important factor that determines its success or failure isrepparttar 134986 amount of focus. If you spread yourself out too thin, then you're heading towards failure. The biggest mistake that can be made is not to definerepparttar 134987 target audience before writingrepparttar 134988 copy. When spread-shot promotion tactics are used,repparttar 134989 focus is lost on too many groups. Inrepparttar 134990 end,repparttar 134991 website losesrepparttar 134992 visitors' attention and loyalty.

Choose one defined audience first and aim your copy at them. Don't worry aboutrepparttar 134993 other audiences, you can add special links for them later when you become successful.

6. Give your Web visitors a lot of free information.

Everyone is attracted by free stuff, and that will be one ofrepparttar 134994 reasons why visitors come to your site. After visiting you five to ten times, they are more likely to buy from you. Include on your website your updating schedule, or put up a email group, so that people can be notified by email whenever there are updates onrepparttar 134995 website.

7. Create useful links.

Instead ofrepparttar 134996 highly cliched "Please click here" link, experiment with other more useful-sounding links. Examples can be phrases that describerepparttar 134997 link's destination, such as "free ebook download on cooking", or "list of top ten products".

8. Keep your language simple.

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